Couples Therapy in Bethesda MD

Couples Therapy in Bethesda MDLindsey Hoskins & Associates provides Bethesda, Maryland residents with couples therapy. If you and your spouse or partner are having relationship problems, struggling to communicate, dealing with accusations of an affair, or even planning for your future, a couples counselor can help. 

For years, we have been helping men and women to work through unresolved problems, conflicts, and concerns. We have a team of trained, qualified, and experienced couples counselors who are familiar with a broad range of issues. Whether you feel like you’ve reached a breaking point, or are wanting to resolve problems before they escalate into something worse, couples therapy at our Bethesda, MD office may be the solution. In the event that you are unsure of whether these sessions are right for you, we invite you to call Lindsey Hoskins & Associates for an initial consultation. At this time, you are encouraged to ask questions and get to know your prospective couples counselor a little better. 

Couples Therapy in Bethesda, MD

At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, our couples counselors have the training to help couples, individuals, same-sex couples, and those who are in a polyamorous relationship. We seek to identify obstacles that could be preventing you from having a fulfilling relationship, and finding solutions to these issues. No two situations are alike; however, your couples counselor may:

  • Identify core hindrances, or issues, in the relationship
  • Find practical ways to resolve the issues
  • Encourage positive change
  • Promote improved communication
  • Revitalize the relationship
  • Inspire acceptance and understanding

A couples counselor is there to act as an intermediary, and one who oversees the couples therapy sessions at our Bethesda, MD office. There is no judgment and no taking sides. The counselor may provide you with insight, but in a specific way so that it is unbiased. Depending on their preferred strategies and therapy methods, various tools and techniques may be incorporated into the sessions. Together, you can learn them and apply them into your daily routines. 


Sit down with Licensed Therapist Lindsey Hoskins to answer the question: Is there such a thing as too late for couples therapy?


Who Attends Bethesda, MD Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy are not only for couples who are married. Nor are they meant to be solely for those who are experiencing turbulence. Rather, the sessions can benefit most couples in some way or another. At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, we have helped:

  • Married Couples
  • Legal Partners
  • Same Sex Couples
  • Dating Couples 
  • Long Term Commitments
  • Engaged Couples
  • Polyamourous Couples
  • Young Couples
  • Older Couples
  • Mixed-Religion Couples
  • Interractial Couples

Virtually any subject matter can be addressed and tackled during Bethesda, MD couples therapy sessions. The most common topics discussed, include:

  • Communication Problems
  • Frequent Arguing
  • Infelity
  • Substance Abuse
  • Parenting Indifferences
  • Financial Distress
  • Health Problems
  • Loss Of Interest in Sex
  • Emotional Problems
  • Family Conflicts
  • Cultural Indifferences

Are You Interested in Couples Therapy in Bethesda, MD?

Couples therapy is ideal for anyone who would like to improve their relationship in one way or another. This means that most relationships can benefit from the sessions. Regardless of what you’re going through, if you would like to explore the benefits of couples therapy, call Lindsey Hoskins & Associates. We invite you to schedule a brief consultation with one of our counselors. If you feel comfortable with this professional, you can proceed to schedule an in-person couples therapy session at our Bethesda, MD office.