Couples Counseling Washington DC

Couples Counseling Washington DC

For those reluctant to attend therapy, there can be an overwhelming desire to attend less frequently than the standard weekly session of couples counseling Washington, DC professionals recommend. While both parties may feel this way, it is likely more probable that one person is more reluctant than the other and that one spouse concedes to fewer therapy sessions per month to ensure the other’s attendance. However, while it may be true that a little counseling is better than none, it may also be true that fewer monthly sessions may result in growing frustration and commitment fatigue. Therefore, it is essential to understand the argument and reasoning to attend weekly meetings for couples counseling Washington, DC residents turn to for help.

Assessment Period

Every trained therapist understands that there are clinical and emotional reasons behind every decision people make, and it is crucial that counselors understand these drivers before moving forward with a treatment plan. However, this process is more challenging when dealing with couples because a practitioner must assess the individual drivers as well as the health of the relationship. Therefore, it can take a few sessions before your therapist is ready to express their opinion and plans for moving forward, which means that weekly couples counseling Washington, DC families depend on should allow for quicker assessments and a jumpstart into your personalized plan.

Continuity of Care

If you opt for twice a month sessions or less, then you may spend a good amount of time rehashing the experiences of your last session before being able to dive into new issues. Weekly meetings with your therapist mean that there is likely a clear focus and driver every session. You shouldn’t need to spend too much time re-evaluating the last session because it should still be fresh in your mind. Also, frequency means that you are more likely to remain focused on the goals of couples counseling Washington, DC residents need throughout the week because you are motivated to make and share your progress.

Commitment Fatigue

While you and your significant other may be energized and committed to couples counseling Washington, DC relies on in the beginning, less frequent sessions can result in commitment fatigue. You may feel like progress is not being made as quickly as you’d hoped or that the assessment phase is taking too long with little focus paid to the actual relationship problems. More frequent therapy appointments can reduce the potential of fatigue because every week you will likely be asked to focus on new areas in your relationship and personal life, which can lead to you feeling like progress is being made.

While the idea of couples counseling Washington, DC families seek support from may not thrill you, it is important that if you decide to follow through you commit to weekly sessions if advised. Weekly appointments can speed up assessments, ensure continuity of treatment and reduce potential fatigue. Contact a licensed therapist and schedule an appointment to get your relationship back on track.

How Do I Know Whether It’s Time to See a Couples Counselor?

Couples who are going through a troublesome period in their relationship may not be sure whether it is time to go to couples counseling Washington, DC families respect. It is not uncommon for relationships to go through various ups and downs. Some couples can work through these rough patches on their own, while others need a little extra help. When two partners reach a major roadblock, they may consider meeting with Lindsey Hoskins & Associates for couples counseling Washington, DC turns to for guidance on how to get the relationship back on track.

When is the best time to see a couples counselor?

It may be a surprise to hear that it can be most beneficial to attend couples counseling Washington, DC area residents seek support from sooner, rather than later. The longer a couple waits to see a therapist, the more pent up feelings, resentments and anger there may be. You may even want to think about having a couples session when things are going really well, as a way to check-in with each other and be preventative about difficulties rather than reactive.

What are signs that it is time to meet with couples counseling Washington, DC families trust?

Sometimes couples have a hard time seeing their relationship dynamic for what it is from an outside perspective. Friends, family and other loved ones may have noticed that your relationship has not been at its happiest for a while, but haven’t had the courage to tell you. So here are just a few signs that it may be time to book a session for couples counseling Washington, DC relies on, as soon as possible:

  • If you and your partner cannot have a conversation without it turning into an argument
  • If you both bicker so much that you feel worn down, and there may be larger issues that are being ignored
  • You feel like you are each speaking a different language, as in you both don’t understand the other’s communication style
  • You never fight but it’s because you pretend that everything is okay, when it surely is not
  • The same issues keep coming up again and again in arguments
  • One or both of you is going through a significant life change
  • You don’t feel the same passion or drive for intimacy
  • You fight about finances because you both handle money differently
  • One or both of you has thought about, or had an affair

What if my partner really wants to go to couples counseling Washington, DC depends on, but I am nervous?

It is perfectly normal to be apprehensive about going to couples counseling Washington, DC residents are in need of. But keep in mind that it is the therapist’s job to provide a comfortable and safe space for you both to talk about what you are going through. You may want to reach out to your potential therapist and let him or her know you are nervous, so your concerns can be addressed.

The Reality of Couples Counseling

It is crucial to set your expectations when it comes to couples counseling Washington, DC residents are in need of. Too many couples seek treatment thinking that all of their issues will magically disappear, and the marriage or relationship will be saved. Unfortunately, that is not the way that therapy works. Couples counseling is about learning the tools and techniques to improve communication and it is designed to help you and your partner work through issues that are either shared or individual. Therefore, while painting a picture of a saved relationship is likely not possible, it is likely that couples who successfully complete couples counseling Washington, DC therapists recommend will be able to communicate their feelings better and work through issues. However, even those expectations should be expressed with caution for several reasons.

Trained Counselor

Couples counseling is a specialized skill and it does require a fair bit of training. While there are counselors who say that they can do couples counseling, many of these professionals do not have the proper training for the task. Washington, DC couples counseling is not the same as individualized therapy. It involves two patients, each of whom is coming to the sessions with their own biases and defenses. On top of that, a therapist must learn the dynamics of the relationship to help the couple discern and utilize proper and engaging communication strategies.

Early Intervention is Key

The sad truth is that some couples come to therapy too late. The issues that may have been small and manageable at one point have become monstrous and destructive, leading to animosity, discourse and contempt. In these volatile situations, it is sometimes best to dissolve the relationship, and if need be, learn how to communicate with each other with respect and honesty. However, accessing couples counseling Washington, DC residents praise early on, may play a critical role in preventing this from happening.

Irreconcilable Differences

It may be hard to believe, but some issues cannot be resolved. Unfortunately, if two people are dug-in to opposite sides of an argument and neither is willing to give, then the couple likely cannot salvage a relationship. However, many times, people may feel like they have irreconcilable differences when, in reality, they don’t know how to voice their opinion in a productive manner.

Emotionally Focused Therapy

The good news is that couples seeking early intervention and combining it with emotionally focused therapy typically do see positive results. Learning how to reorganize and understand your emotional responses can help resolve and clarify issues.

Couples counseling Washington, DC couples trust is a productive tool when used early and performed by a trained professional. However, it is necessary to plant expectations firmly in reality and understand that there are no guarantees.

Sometimes all it takes is having your questions answered to feel more at-ease with the process. Plus, if your partner really wants to go, it is likely because he or she cares enough to invest the energy into making this work. Contact Lindsey Hoskins & Associates today to start the adventure of couples counseling Washington, DC clients recommend.


Couples Counseling Washington DC Infographic

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Myths About Marriage Counseling Debunked

There are many myths and personal feelings about marriage counseling. Some spouses may balk at the suggestion of accessing couples counseling Washington, DC residents trust. It’s not uncommon for some to strongly believe that there’s no way a stranger could help mend their relationship. Others may be afraid to try couples counseling out of fear that it won’t work for them anyway, and they’ll be left even more heartbroken.

But the truth is that couples counseling Washington, DC knows can be useful for couples going through a rough time, whether they plan on being together in the end or not. A therapist can provide a safe space for talking openly, while guiding the couple in effective communication as they figure out whether their relationship can be salvaged.

Myth #1: The Therapist Is Going To Take Sides

Accessing couples counseling Washington, DC relies on will provide you with a reputable and experienced therapist. This type of therapist is never going to take sides, regardless of the issue that the couple is working through. It is not the role of the therapist to offer advice or tell a couple whether to stay together. In fact, therapists must remain unbiased and objective. Since therapists are trained professionals, they also don’t have to know you on a personal level in order for marriage counseling to be effective.

Myth #2: Therapy Is a Long-Term Commitment

The fact is, most couples benefit from short-term couples counseling Washington, DC residents can count on. This is often around 12-20 sessions depending on the issue. Some couples won’t need that many sessions, while others will require much more. What both spouses will have to commit to is actually trying and putting in the work. Just attending therapy won’t be enough, each spouse must be willing to try new things, talk about their feelings, and remain flexible to the process.

Myth #3: Friends and Family Will Judge Us 

Unless you tell your loved ones that you are going to couples counseling Washington, DC residents seek support from, chances are that no one is going to find out. So, you won’t have to worry about what your friends, family, or coworkers think unless you share these details with them. A therapist is obligated by law to keep your information confidential, so you can speak openly and honestly at all times.

Myth #4: Therapy Is Going To Be Expensive

Contrary to popular belief, therapy is affordable for most people. On average, sessions for couples counseling Washington, DC respects will last around 40-60 minutes, and cost between $50 and $150 based on the therapist’s rates. If you are splitting this cost with your spouse, then it decreases the financial burden even more. You may also be able to find a free local social service organization who works on a sliding scale depending on your income. Additionally, some insurance companies will cover a percentage or total cost of the marriage counseling expense, especially as a crisis intervention.

The biggest takeaway is that a couple shouldn’t be hesitant to try couples counseling Washington, DC families need out of fear or judgements about what they think the experience will be like. Therapy is designed to strengthen your relationship, and maybe even prevent a divorce later on. And, the cost of the divorce is likely to far exceed how much you spend from your pocketbook for therapy, so it’s worth a try.

Preparing For Couples Counseling

Sometimes clients ask us how they can prepare for couples counseling. A qualified therapist will be able to provide your and your partner with a safe space to discuss difficult topics. Your therapist won’t take sides, but will facilitate the conversation in hopes that it will yield healing, clarity, and acceptance. Couples must be honest about where they are now in their relationship, and where they want to be. 

Start when you’re both ready.

One partner may approach the idea of going to couples therapy, and the other may not be ready. If both partners are not willing to be part of the process, then therapy may not work. No one should be forced into couples therapy, however, keep in mind that waiting too long can also cause further issues to brew, making it harder to overcome later on. If the relationship matters to both parties, then it is of the essence to seek couples counseling before things continue to escalate. 

Talk about shared goals.

Are there specific pain points in your relationship that need to be addressed? Discuss with your partner what issues they hope to talk about in therapy. If you both know what your goals are before your first session, it can give you a jump start on the benefits of therapy. Your therapist is going to ask you both why you are in therapy anyway, so having an idea will get things moving faster. 

What do you want out of therapy?

Outside of our relationships, we are also individuals. We each have our own hopes, fears, desires, and concerns. We all bring certain elements to the table with who we are as a person, how we were raised, and what we need to heal from. Consider journaling or just thinking about your personal hopes for therapy. What can help you become a better person for yourself, and within your relationship?

Remember, it’s not a game of blame.

Therapy is not about bringing up the worst things about your partner. Of course, serious issues from the past such as infidelity may need to be discussed. But it’s not helpful to approach therapy as a way to blame their partner and not examine themselves. This kind of mindset doesn’t bring you and your partner closer together. When one person doesn’t want to attend therapy, it’s often because they think they will be the focus of the blame.

For more information about couples counseling Washington, DC families recommend, contact Lindsey Hoskins & Associates today.