Check out some of our favorite books on couple and family relationships, as well as personal development, mental health, and growth. To view any product on Amazon, just click the image.


For Couples:

 John Gottman’s The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work is based on solid research from one of the country’s top relationship scholars. It is practical and straightforward.








Packed with exercises to help put Hendrix’s good advice into practice, Getting the Love You Want has been helping couples enrich and solidify their relationships for almost 30 years.








Schnarch is provocative, brave, and brilliant. Sitting in his lectures has been one of my most formative experiences as a clinician. Passionate Marriage is a great read.

This is one of our very favorites! Susan Johnson has done absolutely groundbreaking work in the field of couple and family therapy, and her principles are some of the ones we hold most dear as professionals. Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love is a must read for any couple.







The title says it all: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman. If you’re looking to add more insight to your sexual relationship, Kerner is your go-to guy. She Comes First is a great place to start.








The companion to She Comes First, this one is a great read for anyone interested in focusing some extra attention on their male partner’s pleasure.









It’s no secret that having a baby has a huge impact on a relationship in many ways, and that intimacy is especially impacted. Love in the Time of Colic is Kerner’s best advice on how to keep your intimate connection with your partner alive during the hectic years of parenting young children.









An oldie but a goodie. Harriet Lerner is an absolute fount of wisdom when it comes to understanding people and relationships, and The Dance of Connection is one of her most important books. Lerner will expertly guide you through the often complicated and loaded process of communicating from an authentic and healthy place no matter what difficult emotions you might be dealing with.






More from Lerner, and specifically for women this time — focusing on “courageous acts of change in key relationships,” and she really does focus on lots of different relationships. Intimacy here is much broader than sex. Check it out.








Stuck in a problematic communication pattern with a member of the opposite sex? You’re not alone, and nobody has done a better job of writing about it than Deborah Tannen. You Just Don’t Understand: Women and Men in Conversation is an easy and informative read.








For Families:








For Individuals: