medical family therapy Bethesda mdIt can be difficult to accommodate new needs and demands brought on by medical issues and diagnoses. Medical Family Therapy serves individuals, couples, and families dealing with acute or chronic medical and health-related stressors. Dr. Hoskins is especially experienced in working with couples dealing with hereditary cancer syndromes and other genetic conditions.

Who might benefit from Medical Family Therapy?

  • Anyone dealing with a new or unexpected diagnosis.
  • Anyone having trouble communicating with loved ones about health-related issues.
  • Anyone struggling with a health-related decision that has implications for them, and for other family members (e.g., reproductive decision-making, deciding if/when to get tested for a genetic condition).
  • Anyone navigating how the varied members of a healthcare-providing team can collaboratively work together to provide the highest-caliber care and services possible.

Dr. Lindsey Hoskins is specially trained to work with individuals, couples and families dealing with knowledge of the hereditary risk of cancer (e.g., BRCA1/2 families) and other genetic conditions (e.g., Huntington’s Disease) including the challenging decisions, information-sharing, and other stressors that may accompany such knowledge. She also works with couples struggling with reproductive decision-making in the context of hereditary health risks.

Medical Family Therapy often comprises several sessions up-front, followed by less frequent follow-up meetings as you continue to reconcile health-related issues with other aspects of your family life.

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