Trauma Therapist Rockville, MD

Trauma Therapist Rockville, MD

Working Through Trauma With The Assistance Of Therapy

Living with trauma can be incredibly restrictive, and our Rockville, MD trauma therapist is here to help you understand, work through, and heal from your trauma. No matter the cause of your trauma, we can help you move forward towards a future where you are free from this trauma and living a happier, healthier life.

We strive to treat all parents with both the serious attention they deserve and the kindness and light heart that they need to heal. With evening and weekend appointments available, we will work with your busy schedule to help you receive the care that you need. Contact Lindsey Hoskins & Associates today to schedule your free telephone consultation and find out how our team can help you with your trauma.

What To Expect During Your Therapy Session

Our Rockville trauma therapist is here to provide you with a comfortable, safe, and welcoming experience during all of your therapy sessions. No matter your trauma or the issues that you are dealing with, we will help you work through them in a collaborative manner, utilizing a timeline and method that works for you. In your session, we may explore issues such as expression of your thoughts and emotions, your behavior patterns, your problem-solving, conflict resolution, specific strengths and weaknesses, your trauma and its symptoms, coping strategies, your support network, your overall understanding of yourself, and more. We provide both short-term and long-term service for our patients based on our recommendations and your desires. 

How Our Trauma Therapist Can Help You

We understand that many people are reluctant or uneasy when it comes to therapy. From societal stigmas to the fear of addressing trauma, we understand your concerns about therapy and are here to put you at ease. Our Maryland trauma therapist is a source of security and safety for you during a difficult time. Your safety and comfort are our primary concerns as we work towards a better future for you. If you are struggling with extreme emotions, recent or past trauma, strained relationships, or other issues, therapy may be right for you. 

Our therapist works with you to address these issues at a pace and in a method that works for you. Our goal is to give you the tools to manage your trauma and your response to it so that you achieve real, lasting healing in the wake of trauma.

Schedule A Consultation Today

Whether you know that you are ready for therapy, you want to learn more about our services, or you are uneasy about the prospect of therapy, our team can help you. Contact us today to discuss our services and how they may help you. We offer complimentary telephone consultations where we can address all your questions and concerns.

You do not have to face trauma alone. Schedule your consultation with Lindsey Hoskins & Associates today to discuss your situation and how we can provide the care and attention that you need and deserve in the face of trauma.