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At Lindsey Hoskins and Associates, our team offers couples, individual, and family therapy. Our clinicians work with people who are married, engaged, or in a long term commitment. We work with different and same sex couples.

In addition to offering therapy solutions, we provide a range of services centered on relationships and the celebration of their importance. Our team can develop customized packages for wedding ceremonies based on your wishes, needs, budget, and time. From pre-planning your wedding to officiating the ceremony on your special day, Lindsey Hoskins and Associates takes great pleasure in providing thoughtful and meaningful services to committed couples.

To find out more about any of the below services that we offer, please feel free to review our individual services pages or call our office today!

Therapist Great Falls MD

For many people, the decision to see a therapist can be a turning point in their life. It may be that they’re struggling with depression or anxiety. Some people choose to see a therapist when they have a desire to enhance their personal growth. Therapy can be of great value when exploring personal issues. Having someone fully listen to you without judgement or anger can be helpful and constructive. There are many reasons why someone might benefit from talking with a trained clinician. When dealing with life’s challenges, consider turning to a therapist Great Falls MD offers.

Family Counseling Great Falls MD

Family therapy can be an effective approach for resolving issues that arise within the family’s dynamics. Sometimes it’s helpful for members to come together in a safe, neutral environment that allows everyone to voice their needs. A specially trained therapist can be beneficial when facilitation is needed to repair damaged relationships. Call our office if you’d like to know more about family counseling Great Falls MD residents have benefited from.

Couples Counseling Great Falls VA and Couples Therapy Great Falls MD

Lindsey Hoskins and Associates clinicians have years of experience in helping couples work through relationship challenges. For those who are seeking couples counseling Great Falls MD residents have found to be enriching, consider contacting our office. We work with couples who are married, engaged, dating, or are in a committed non-marital relationship. Very often the most successful couples therapy Great Falls MD couples benefit from are sessions in which both partners fully participate. Our clinicians can help couples work through issues common in many relationships including improving communication, increasing intimacy, preparing for marriage, and so much more. When it comes to relationship counseling Great Falls MD couples can benefit from speaking with a neutral and specially trained clinician.

Pre-Marriage Counseling Great Falls MD

Premarital counseling is an excellent way to begin a lifelong commitment to one another. Lindsey Hoskins and Associates uses the PREPARE/ENRICH program that Dr. David Olson developed. This program offers the opportunity for engaged couples to learn tools and methods for dealing with difficulties that can occur in any relationship. If you’re considering relationship counseling Great Falls MD couples have found beneficial give us a call. The PREPARE/ENRICH package is five sessions and can be customized to fit your budget and schedule. Ideally, premarital counseling begins from six to twelve months before the wedding, with two sessions each month running 90 minutes for each. If you and your fiance are interested in pre-marriage counseling Great Falls MDresidents rely on, give our office a call to make an appointment.

Custom Wedding Ceremony Great Falls MD

Your wedding day is special and the ceremony should reflect your mutual love and lifetime commitment to one another. Lindsey Hoskins and Associates offers customized wedding ceremony planning that honors your unique partnership. In addition to ceremony planning, we can provide an officiant for your wedding ceremony. Great Falls MD couples agree that our services are professional, spirited, and reflect the theme and setting of each wedding.

If you’re interested in exploring your options for a custom wedding ceremony Great Falls MD couples recommend, give us a call. Ceremony rehearsals are optional. We also offer customized packages that can include an officiant wedding ceremony Great Falls MD families are proud to be a part of. Among the many benefits included in our customized packages is an electronic keepsake copy of your wedding and up to two hours of in-person planning for your special day. For your convenience, Lindsey Hoskins and Associates can take care of submitting your marriage license application to the appropriate courthouse. On your wedding day we can coordinate with the other vendors. Allow us to handle many of the ceremony’s stressful details, so that you and your beloved can focus on enjoying a unique wedding ceremony Great Falls MD guests will remember for years to come.

Ceremony Officiant Great Falls MD

Lindsey Hoskins is authorized to perform wedding ceremonies by the American Fellowship Church. Our ceremony package includes up to two hours of ceremony planning and a personalized ceremony that celebrates your mutual love and lifelong devotion. Consider choosing Lindsey Hopkins and Associates for assistance in creating a unique wedding ceremony Great Falls MD brides and grooms can be proud of.

In addition to several other benefits, we can submit your marriage license application on your behalf. Call us today to find out more and to arrange a free in-person consultation to determine if Lindsey is a good fit to be your wedding officiant. We are proud to be a ceremony officiant Great Falls MD couples choose for their special day.

Marriage Counseling Great Falls MD

A marriage, like any relationship, can have its challenges. Life’s stresses– whether they’re job-related, financial, or medical can negatively impact a marriage. Sometimes a couple may find themselves in a rut. In order for the relationship to grow and move forward, it may require them to seek marriage counseling Great Falls MD couples have benefited from. Lindsey Hopkins and Associates offers the option of marriage counseling in conjunction with individual therapy. This two-pronged approach allows participants to focus not only on the marriage but also on their own self as well. In addition to having “me” time, each partner will have the opportunity to work on individual goals. Our clinicians can help you determine what therapy options are best suited for you and your spouse.

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At Lindsey Hoskins and Associates, we understand how important the relationships you build throughout your life are. We’ve dedicated our lives to helping the residents of Great Falls MDmaintain their relationships and grow to a deeper and more substantial understanding of their loved ones. If you’re ready to focus on building a strong foundation for your most important relationships, contact Lindsey Hoskins and Associates, today.