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A Bethesda, Maryland therapist allows you to set aside a special time each week to explore aspects of your life that you think might be improved, and to talk about potentially difficult topics in a safe a confidential environment. It is a time to focus only on yourself — me time, in the truest sense — and is an enriching way to care for yourself.

What issues can be addressed by our therapists in Bethesda?

  • Struggles with depression;
  • anxiety;
  • making difficult life transitions;
  • preparing for future couple or family work;
  • the desire for personal growth or to individuate; or
  • a personal problem that seems indefinable.

As we explore personal issues during this time, we may also talk about your couple, family, or other relationships, adopting a systemic perspective to explore the ways in which the contexts you are embedded in influence your life.

If you choose, you may transition to couple or family therapy after being in individual therapy for any length of time by inviting loved ones with whom you have important relationships to join you in therapy at our Bethesda, MD location.

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Pregnancy Anxiety and Stress

It is perfectly normal for expecting parents to feel anxious as they plan for their baby’s arrival, especially if this is their first child. However, for many, this anxiousness can turn into depression and anxiety. According to national statistics, one in 10 women suffer from anxiety and depression during their pregnancy. While it is normal to have some worry during this time, if you find that your anxiety or depression is having a negative impact on your life, it is important to seek help from a Bethesda MD therapist.

When depression and anxiety begin during the pregnancy, it is referred to as antenatal depression or antenatal anxiety. While hormones do play a role in a pregnant woman’s moods, when feelings of depression, difficulty staying focused or completing your daily activities, or having intrusive thoughts go beyond what is usually experienced, a woman may require treatment from a Bethesda MD therapist so it does not get worse.

When depression and anxiety are experienced after the baby’s birth, this is referred to as postnatal or postpartum depression or anxiety. Experiencing the “baby blues” after the baby is born is something many new mothers experience. This is caused by hormones trying to go back to normal levels. Many women report feelings of sadness, anxiety, being overwhelmed, and shedding lots of tears. These feelings usually disappear quickly. But if they continue or the woman feels constantly numb, unable to cope, and miserably unhappy for and extended period of time, they could be suffering from postnatal depression.

Signs of That You May Need Help

Although people experience depression and anxiety in different ways, there are some common warning signs that could indicate the need to seek out the help of a Bethesda MD therapist:

  •    Constantly feeling nervous or on edge
  •    Constantly worried or feelings of anxiety, especially about the health of the baby
  •    Difficulty concentrating and focusing
  •    Feeling fatigued all the time
  •    Feeling sad, tearful, and crying for no apparent reason
  •    Feelings of anger or guilt
  •    Feelings of being overwhelmed
  •    Insomnia
  •    Irritable
  •    Lack of energy
  •    Lack of interest in activities you used to enjoy
  •    Loss of interest in personal relationships
  •    Loss of interest in sex
  •    Neglecting personal hygiene
  •    Not wanting to leave the house
  •    Obsessive or compulsive behaviors
  •    Overeating or lack of appetite
  •    Panic attacks
  •    Short-tempered
  •    Suicidal thoughts
  •    Worrying about harming the baby

Many of these symptoms can be typical of new, sleep-deprived parents, so they may not always indicate a psychological issue, however, if these symptoms last for more than a few days, it is time to contact a therapist in Bethesda MD.

Are Certain People More at Risk for This Type of Depression?

Although anyone can develop antenatal or postnatal anxiety or depression, there are some factors which could increase a woman’s risk of developing these issues, including the following:

  •    Having a previous history of anxiety or depression
  •    If there is a family history of mental illness
  •    If the mother had a prior loss of a baby, either because of miscarriage, stillbirth, or termination
  •    If the mother had past fertility issues
  •    If the pregnancy is difficult
  •    If the birth was difficult
  •    If there are medical issues for the mother of the baby
  •    If the baby was born premature
  •    If there are feeding issues with the baby
  •    If the baby has cries excessively, wakes up a lot, or has trouble settling
  •    If the mother is stressed out about finances, relationships, or job
  •    If there is lack of family and social support for the mother
  •    If the mother has a history of childhood trauma or neglect

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