therapist in bethesda mdA therapist allows you to set aside a special time each week to explore aspects of your life that you think might be improved, and to talk about potentially difficult topics in a safe a confidential environment. It is a time to focus only on yourself — me time, in the truest sense — and is an enriching way to care for yourself.

What issues can be addressed by our therapists in Bethesda?

  • Struggles with depression;
  • anxiety;
  • making difficult life transitions;
  • preparing for future couple or family work;
  • the desire for personal growth or to individuate; or
  • a personal problem that seems indefinable.

As we explore personal issues during this time, we may also talk about your couple, family, or other relationships, adopting a systemic perspective to explore the ways in which the contexts you are embedded in influence your life.

If you choose, you may transition to couple or family therapy after being in individual therapy for any length of time by inviting loved ones with whom you have important relationships to join you in therapy at our Bethesda, MD location.

Schedule an appointment online for individual therapy with one of our therapists in Bethesda or call 240-752-7650.

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