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therapist Potomac MD cellphone coffee cupWhen you are looking for a Potomac, MD therapist, give Lindsey Hoskins & Associates a call to schedule your consultation. Deciding that it is time to start therapy can be one of the most difficult decisions you make. You may be feeling like you do not have control over your emotions or you might think that it shows some kind of weakness if you choose to pursue therapy. These ideas could not be further from the truth and yet society has perpetuated these notions for years. Choosing to pursue therapy is incredibly brave and we are so glad that you are taking this step toward healing yourself. When you are ready to speak with us, please give our office a call.


What can you expect from your first therapy session?

When you are ready to see your Potomac therapist, you may be wondering what you can expect. Do you sit silently in a quiet waiting room with calm music playing and then go lie down on a couch for an hour and talk about your parents? Maybe so! Often, you can navigate therapy how you want to and your therapist may be open to letting you choose the kind of setting you are in. 

For your first therapy session, you can expect paperwork. Your therapist will want you to sign standard forms, like a services agreement and HIPPA forms. However, you will also need to work on forms like your medical history (what kinds of medications you are on) and likely be asked why you are choosing to go to therapy. Some questions you can expect are: 

  • What brought you here? 
  • What symptoms have you been experiencing?
  • When did these symptoms start? 
  • Did a particular event trigger your symptoms or did they come on gradually? 

It is helpful to come to your first session prepared with an idea of how your problems began and what may have caused them. However, if you do not have the “right” answer, that’s okay. Your therapist simply wants you to be honest and they are not looking for a cookie-cutter answer. 

What if there are things in therapy that make me uncomfortable? 

You must be honest about what you are thinking and feeling with your therapist. The truth is, there may be some things about therapy that make you uncomfortable. You may be dealing with repressed trauma or your therapist may ask you questions that bring up hurtful memories. If you are ready to discuss these things, it can be difficult but helpful in helping you move forward. 

I don’t want my therapist gossiping with other people about my problems. Should I be worried? 

Therapists are, for the most part, bound by rules of confidentiality to keep your sessions private. This means they will not leave your session and go share your information or gossip about you with other people. You should expect a level of professionalism with what you say to your therapist. On the other hand, if you give your therapist permission to disclose something you say or if your therapist believes you are a danger to yourself or others, they have the right to divulge certain information to keep you and others safe. 

Get Help From a Therapist Today! 

If you are ready to move forward with therapy and speak with someone about what you are going through, reach out to Lindsey Hoskins & Associates. We believe in helping our clients confront difficult experiences. Call our Potomac therapist now.