It is not uncommon for issues to come up in a relationship that may benefit from couples counseling Silver Spring MD residents rely on.

The couples counseling Silver Spring MD trusts can be found at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates. Couples counseling can be helpful for partners who find themselves facing a challenge in any aspect of their relationship.

The Silver Spring couples counseling clinicians at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates have extensive experience working with couples in all different types of relationships and facing the full spectrum of relationship problems.

We work with dating couples, engaged couples, newly married couples, partners who are in committed non-marital relationships, and couples who have been married for any length of time. In our experience, couples counseling is most effective when both partners participate willingly, fully, and enthusiastically.

For whom are couples counseling appropriate?

Dating couples: Many couples who are dating and are considering that this person could be “the one” find that couples counseling Silver Spring MD provides can be helpful in working through some of the issues that may come up after the butterfly phase of the relationship has passed. It is not uncommon for people who are newly dating to see only the wonderful aspects of their significant other’s personality.

After a few months, however, as the couple begins feeling more and more comfortable around each other, true aspects of their personalities emerge. Some issues come up that end up being deal breakers in a relationship that otherwise made both people happy. Many dating couples who hit these roadblocks and go to Silver Spring couples counseling find that they are able to work through them together and move past them to take the relationship to the next level.

Couples planning to marry: Couples counseling Silver Spring MD locals recommend is an item many engaged couples have begun adding to the wedding-to-do-list. In fact, some studies have shown that premarital couples counseling decrease the risk of divorce by 30 percent for the first five years of marriage. Many couples also say they are much happier and satisfied compared to couples who didn’t attend couples counseling in Silver Spring MD or elsewhere.

Married couples: Even in the happiest of marriages, issues can arise that can put a strain on couple’s relationship. The key is to address those issues as they come up. If you cannot work them out together, couples counseling Silver Spring MD offers can help you work through these problems and also learn how to overcome difficult issues that may come up in the future.

Unfortunately, many married couples often put off or ignore dealing with problems and that only deepens the chasm between them. But couples counseling Silver Spring MD clients depend on can help in those situations too.

Couples who are in long-term committed relationship but have no plans to get wed can also benefit from couples counseling. Although the couple may not be legally married, they may still face some of the same issues that couples who are married face when it comes to communication, trust, intimacy, or parenting issues.

Same-sex couples: Many LGBT couples can also benefit from couples counseling, whether it is because they want to strengthen the relationship the currently have or they need help working through problems that are causing strain in the relationship. In addition to common couple issues, LGBT relationships have some unique issues that come up and that is why it is important to meet with a counselor who has been trained and is aware of what some of those issues are. Lindsey Hoskins & Associates has worked with many same-sex couples and are therapist are empathetic to the challenges that LGBT couples can face.

Separated or divorcing couples (may also choose family therapy): There are many reasons why a couple may decide to attend couples counseling when they are divorcing. If they have children together, they still need to work together as a parenting team, regardless of their romantic relationship status. Counseling can teach them to do that, as well as help them resolve any lingering resentments or anger left over from the marriage.

What issues can be addressed in couples counseling?

  • Improving communication patterns, or developing non-abusive forms of communication
  • Rebuilding or strengthening trust
  • Increasing intimacy
  • Preparing for cohabitation or marriage
  • Moving past an affair or other transgression
  • Deciding whether to continue a relationship
  • Reconciling different parenting skills

Types of Silver Springs Couples Counseling Sessions

Often, Silver Spring couples counseling includes some individual sessions with each partner so that each may focus on his or her own processes and needs within the couple relationship. However, one or both partners may wish to pursue individual therapy to work on personal issues that are less related to the partner relationship. Your therapist can help you decide whether this should be done with the same therapist, or with another therapist either inside or outside the practice.

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