Lindsey really saw us through a crisis. I don’t know if we would have made it without her help. We went from being ready to hire divorce lawyers to really falling in love with each other. I can’t say enough about how much she has helped us.”

Lindsey has a way of saying things, of translating what we’re saying to each other, so that we finally understand where the other is coming from. She just gets it. She gets us. I feel like I can say anything in therapy and Lindsey will help us work through it. It’s a real feeling of freedom that we’ve never had before. Now we’re learning how to translate this to home and are starting to be able to do all of this for ourselves.”

Lindsey is easy to speak with and provides techniques that work.”

Lindsey was an amazing therapist! My fiance and I went through her pre-marital counseling and it was everything I could have asked for and more. She made us feel comfortable right from the beginning and our sessions felt more like we were talking to a friend and not a therapist, which made it easier for us to communicate freely. Lindsey really was awesome and I would recommend her to any couple who was interested in counseling. Thank you Lindsey!”

Lindsey Hoskins is a wonderul, knowledgeable, and patient counselor. She uses the Prepare Enrich method where the couple evaluates the relationship seperately and then comes together to discuss the similarities and differences in their responses. This was a very useful tool for us and we got a lot out of it. After having been together for almost nine years there were still some things that we had never talked about and this brought out all of our issues in a safe environment where we could discuss them. Having Lindsey as our guide through this process helped us develop a deeper connection and a better understanding of each other. I highly reccommend counseling before marriage no matter how long you have been together, you never know what you might discover about each other.”

“I never really believed in counseling but was told that it was a good idea before marriage. We went to Lindsey for pre-marital counseling… and I am so happy we did and now I’m a true believer! She was fantastic – she made us feel so comfortable and it was easy to share personal topics with her. She is so professional but seems like a friend at the same time. She really takes the time to listen and think of creative ideas for situations. It’s truly a feel-good experience with Lindsey. We actually went back to her on our one year anniversary for a little “check-in.” She is so great!”

“Premarital therapy with Lindsey was immensely helpful. My fiance and I found the Prepare, Enrich program that Lindsey walked us through very valuable in terms of helping us establish a healthier way of communicating and enabling us to more openly discuss issues that had been tough to talk about before. I’d highly recommend Lindsey Hoskins & Associates.”

Lindsey is patient, thoughtful and kind, has good suggestions and is a terrific sounding board.”

Lindsey is very positive and offers a new and fresh perspective on the issues we are facing.” 

Lindsey provided excellent, pragmatic guidance on how to work through disagreements and prepare for our marriage. Premarital counseling was very much worth the investment.”

My fiancee and I saw Lindsey for premarital counseling. She was a great listener, and her advice helped us navigate some very tough premarital issues with great care and thoughtfulness.”

Lindsey is very objective. She is able to see both sides and encourages use of communication tools.”