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Therapist Bethesda MDAccording to statistics in both Maryland and across the country, wives file for divorce more than husbands do. Per national data, in almost 80 percent of all divorces filed in this country, it is the wife who files first. And while it has become much more acceptable in society for a woman to be divorced compared to what it was like decades ago, the sad part is that many couples end up getting divorced without exploring whether or not their marriage can be saved with couples counseling. The following are some of the more common reasons why marriages break down. If you and your spouse are having issues, consider contacting a therapist in Bethesda MD for help.

How do financial issues impact a marriage?

Financial problems are the top reasons cited by wives as to why their marriage ended. When a couple is dealing with money problems, the stress and strain often spill over into other areas of their marriage that are completely non-related. Fights about money can quickly turn into fights about whose turn it is to fold the laundry or do the food shopping. The anger and stress about finances begin to erode the marriage until one or both spouses decide they cannot stay married.

How does infidelity impact a marriage?

Discovering their spouse has cheated on them is another top reason women cite as to why they file for divorce. Sadly, many women feel that once their spouse has cheated on them, the trust is forever gone and the damage the infidelity has caused can never be repaired. Many would be surprised to learn that with the help of a Bethesda MD therapist, a marriage can survive a spouse’s cheating.

How common do women point to addiction or substance abuse issues as the reason for divorce?

This is another common reason wives throw in the towel on their marriage. In decades past, if a spouse had an alcohol or drug addiction, the family would often try to keep it a secret from anyone outside the immediate family. But today, addiction is recognized as a serious issue and one that affects the entire family, not just the addict. The emotional, physical, and financial damage that a spouse’s substance abuse problem can wreak on a marriage is one of the most common reasons cited in divorce filings.

How can therapy help a marriage if any of these serious issues are involved?

Substance abuse, cheating, money problems, or any of the other major issues that cause a marriage to break down can all be addressed in couples therapy. Therapy gives both spouses a safe place to be heard, to share their feelings and emotions without interruption or criticism. The therapist acts as a neutral party and helps guide the couple to healing, learning to recognize what went wrong, to begin with, and learning new ways to communicate with each other.

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