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If you and your partner are struggling with your relationship, consider reaching out to a relationship therapist in Chevy Chase, MD from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates. While the term “couples counseling” may elicit images of two people sitting on a couch across from a therapist, this is not always the case. Some counselors begin therapy by meeting first with the couple individually and then gradually bringing them back together. However, there are other times where one spouse wishes to talk with the therapist in private to discuss a personal matter. In either circumstance, your therapist Chevy Chase MD couples rely on will likely determine whether such an encounter occurs. However, it does pay to be aware of the reasons for such one-on-one sessions.

Allowing Everyone to be Heard

A Chevy Chase, Maryland relationship therapist may initially meet with each half of a relationship individually to gain insight into their emotions and experiences in the relationship. During these first visits, a therapist is also garnering trust from both parties because they come to realize that the counselor is an unbiased mediator, which can lead to more honest dialogue when the group sessions begin.

Establishing Guidelines and Boundaries

While a relationship therapist in Chevy Chase, MD may initially meet with both parties separately, it is unlikely for individual consultations to continue after the couple has been united in their therapy sessions. However, a counselor may explain that there are occasions for such individual sessions again and they will likely lay out the reasons as well as any boundaries for discussion during those sessions.

Exception to the Rule

While counselors generally do not like to break the rules that they set up with couples, there may be a time when an individual session is required. For instance, a counselor may notice that one spouse is reluctant to discuss specific experiences or one partner may express an interest in discussing something with the counselor before sharing it with their significant other. In these situations, a relationship therapist Chevy Chase, Maryland offers may provide individual sessions to help one person come to terms with an emotional trauma and to come up with a way of explaining that experience to their partner.

Strict Policies

While there may be exceptions to the rules laid out by your couples counselor, it is necessary to note that most Maryland relationship therapists have strict policies against performing individual therapy for one half of a couple they are treating. True, there may be issues like the ones mentioned above that instigate temporary individual sessions, but if one half of a couple needs long-term individual treatment then your couples counselor will likely suggest another therapist for individualized treatment while continuing with the couple.

Couples counseling is meant to be experienced as a couple, but there are instances where individual sessions may benefit the relationship and the therapy. If you are interested in couples counseling or in seeking treatment for yourself, then reach out to a licensed Chevy Chase, MD relationship therapist from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates.