Relationship Counseling Washington DC

There are many reasons why a couple may make the decision to look into relationship counseling Washington DC families recommend. While each couple is unique in how they interact and communicate with each other, as well as the issues they may be dealing with, the therapists from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates recognizes that there are common themes that appear in the majority of relationships.

Communication Issues: Communication is critical for the health and happiness of any relationship, but communication issues are one of the most common problems that lead couples to relationship counseling.  

Life Events: Couples go through many major life events during their relationship – the birth of a child, purchasing a new home, major career change, and more. It is important to recognize that even positive events can cause stress and strain on a relationship.

Differences in Parenting Philosophies: When a couple disagrees on how children should be raised, such as what a child should be allowed to do and discipline, it can put much strain and cause conflict between the couple. A couples therapy Washington DC families trust can help a couple learn to work together so they aren’t competing with each other or enabling the child to pit each parent against each other.

Blended Families: The number of Americans who have divorced and remarried is significant. Many of these remarried couples are bringing children from prior relationships to the marriage and many of them also have children together. This blending of two families into one can be stressful and complicated. Relationship counseling can help the couple work through all these issues and not become a statistic in the high national rate of second marriage divorces.

Medical Issues: When one partner in a couple suffers from medical issues, it can place a great strain on the relationship. If the partner is unable to work because of their condition, this can cause a financial strain for the family. Medical problems can also impact the couple’s daily and social life if the medical condition limits the partner’s ability to do certain activities. Counseling can help work through many of these issues.

Mental Health Issues: Just as physical medical issues can put a strain on a relationship, so can any mental issues that one partner may be dealing with. Relationship counseling can help couples deal with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Addictions: Alcoholism and other substance abuse issues can significantly impact a relationship to the point where it breaks down and shatters. Other addictions that can end a relationship include gambling, the internet, and cybersex.

Infidelity: When one partner cheats on the other, it doesn’t have to mean the end of the relationship. Although the affair can feel catastrophic to the injured partner, a therapist can help the couple work through the feelings of betrayal and the killing of trust.

To learn more about relationship counseling in Washington DC and if it can help your relationship, contact Lindsey Hoskins & Associates today.