Private Relationship Counseling Silver Spring MD

Private Relationship Counseling Silver Spring MDRomantic relationships aren’t always easy, which is why it may be a good idea to access private relationship counseling Silver Spring MD couples recommend. Even seemingly happy couples have their issues and may seek couples therapy from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates to repair their relationship. However, there are still many myths circling around the effectiveness and purpose of couples therapy, preventing some couples from seeking it.

Here are some common myths about Silver Spring, Maryland private relationship counseling to stop believing:

Infidelity and Financial Issues Are the Only Reasons Couples Seek Counseling

Affairs and financial problems are indeed common reasons many people go to counseling. However, couples go to therapy for other issues too. Counseling also helps those who are going through big life changes, such as changing jobs or dealing with a death in the family. During these times, one or both partners may have difficulty communicating how they feel, which could negatively affect the relationship. Considering couples counseling in Silver Spring, MD can help couples open up about their feelings in a comfortable environment and teach them how to improve their communication with one another.

Only Weak Couples Resort to Counseling

Some couples believe that they can resolve their issues on their own. They may think that only weak couples seek the help of an outsider. However, there’s nothing weak about admitting that you need help. Some of the happiest couples have reached out for professional advice from a couples therapist offering Silver Spring MD residents with private relationship counseling. It means they’re strong enough to recognize they need help.

Couples Counselors Tell You Exactly What to Do

While it would be nice if couples counselors told you precisely what to do to solve all your relationship issues, it’s not the way it works. A couple’s counselor will instead listen to both parties, help them understand what went wrong, and suggest ways to improve the relationship.

A Couples Counselor Will Tell Your Partner Everything Is Their Fault

A reputable couples counselor won’t take sides with either partner. He or she will instead try to help each person see the other person’s point of view. Accessing private relationship counseling in Silver Spring MD allows a professional to discuss issues that are hurting the other partner, but won’t play the blame game.

Couples Therapy Will Take Forever

How long couples therapy takes will depend on each couple’s unique issues. Some couples may be able to resolve their issues in just a few sessions, while other couples may require extensive counseling.

As you can see, there are many myths about couples therapy. If you and your significant other are having issues, you may want to contact Lindsey Hoskins & Associates. For private relationship counseling Silver Spring, Maryland, relies on schedule an appointment with one of our experienced clinicians today.