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When the professionals at L are helping couples plan their officiant wedding ceremony in Wheaton Maryland, many couples ask about the marriage license and when they will be able to get it. Although this can be common knowledge for some, it is often misunderstood for others. We help married couples get their marriage license on a regular basis and will explain the general process of obtaining one. Keep in mind that this process can vary depending on the state you are in. 

When do we get the marriage license, before or after the Wheaton MD officiant wedding ceremony?

Before you get married in Maryland you will need to have a marriage license. This must be authorized, notarized, or clerk issued in order for it to be valid. A Wheaton MD wedding officiant is usually able to authorize the license. Some states may have a waiting period after the issuance before the marriage ceremony can take place. You do not get the marriage license after the ceremony even though that is what you might see portrayed in movies. 

Predating a Marriage License 

Once in a while, a couple might ask me to predate the marriage license so that it predates a ceremony that has already taken place. This is not legal and not within the legal powers of a wedding officiant and agent of the county. A wedding officiant is also a representative of the county which also means I must adhere to strict rules and laws. The professional for your officiant wedding ceremony in Wheaton MD will not be able to make any exceptions to the marriage process which includes the authorization and issuance of a marriage license. 

The Licensing Process

Applying for a marriage license will take a significant amount of information. This is primarily required to verify the identity of each party. Generally you will need to provide your residence, current, and birth name, date of birth, location of birth, parents names and place of birth, marital history, and so forth. You may also need a photocopy of each parties’ I.D. in addition to multiple signatures on documents that will also be notarized. The process does take time so be sure to plan and prepare ahead of time to ensure it is ready before the date of the ceremony. 

Once the Wheaton MD officiant wedding ceremony has taken place, the wedding officiant will sign and complete the marriage certificate and verify the information. Once this is signed it will need to be filed with the County Clerk. You will have a short period to complete the filing process; usually the wedding officiant will make sure it is filed. 

As you can see getting a marriage license is not a short, simple process. It takes time and must be done before the wedding ceremony. If you need help with this, ask a wedding officiant in Wheaton MD.

If you would like to discuss your wedding plans or marriage license concerns with a knowledgeable wedding officiant, call Lindsey Hoskins & Associates and we will help you plan your officiant wedding ceremony Wheaton MD families enjoy.