Officiant Wedding Ceremony Chevy Chase MD Officiant Wedding Ceremony Chevy Chase MD

A Chevy Chase, Maryland officiant wedding ceremony can be expensive. Even a small event can cause your wallet to groan. Part of the reason why wedding costs can get out-of-control is because couples are unaware of the ways they can actually save money. Below are some of the common expenses that many wedding professionals say couples should avoid!

Party Favors

Watch how much you spend on these items, or if you spend anything at all. There is nothing that says party favors for guests are mandatory. In fact, many guests end up forgetting to take their favor home with them when they leave the event. If you do decide to have favors, choose something that will be inexpensive. Some examples are tea infusers, candles, or photo booths.

Welcome Bags

Another Chevy Chase MD officiant wedding ceremony expense that seems to have caught on lately are welcome bags greeting out-of-town guests staying at hotels. These bags often include drinks and snacks, but these items can add up to a hefty expense if you are not careful. One way to cut the cost down is to use a throw away gift bag instead of canvas tote bag.

Flowers That Are Out-of-Season

You may have your favorite flowers, but if you’re choosing flowers that your florist needs to ship in because they are not currently in season where you live, that cost will dramatically increase your floral budget. Ask your floral arranger to help you choose some cost-effective flowers, as well as other ways you can keep your flower costs down.

Cut the (Size) of the Cake

Many couples make the mistake of ordering a wedding cake that is much too large for the number of guests they have, and a lot of the cake just goes to waste. The best rule of thumb for your officiant wedding ceremony in Chevy Chase MD is ordering cake for approximately 75 the total number of guests you have coming. You will still have more than enough to go around.

Champagne Toast

Many people think they need to have a champagne toast during the wedding reception. But the costs of this toast can become high, especially if you have a large number of guests. Not only are you paying for the amount of champagne needed for each guest, you are also paying for the cost of the caterers to put out the extra glass and pour the champagne in the glass for each guest. Many caterers now offer champagne toasts as a separate cost. See what the difference is and decide if this is one expense you can do without.

More Than One Wedding Dress

Over the past few years, one of the newer trends for a Chevy Chase MD officiant wedding ceremony is for the bride to have multiple wedding dresses. One wedding dress is expensive enough but adding one or two more can really cause the total cost of your wedding to skyrocket. Unless you have unlimited resources for your wedding budget, multiple wedding dresses is probably one of the easiest, and least needed, expenses you can eliminate.

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