Now Hiring – Licensed Therapists

Licensed TherapistsOur Bethesda, MD office is looking for talented clinicians to join our collaborative and cohesive team.

Our most immediate need is for a therapist with a solid background and experience in working with couples, including infidelity work, Discernment Counseling, co-parenting, improving communication, and helping couples decide whether and how to continue a challenging relationship. Experience with families and children/teens is also desirable.

The ideal candidate is highly motivated, flexible, independent, communicative, enthusiastic, and ethical. Experience working with difficult couple and family systems and maintaining appropriate boundaries in challenging situations is imperative, as well as a strong theoretical foundation and experience using evidence-based therapies such as DBT, CBT, EFT, Gottman, etc. We will consider candidates licensed at either the LG or LC level in Maryland; because we have a second location in Northern Virginia, VA licensure and a willingness to see clients in both locations would be a great bonus! Marriage & Family Therapists, Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors, Psychologists, etc. are encouraged to apply.

Our practice sees a steady flow of new cases (couples, families, and individuals), and we cross-refer and work collaboratively often. A new team member can expect to build and maintain a full-time caseload, which will happen quickly if the candidate is able to offer a combination of daytime, evening, and weekend availability, as well as be available for both virtual and in-person sessions (we are taking careful precautions for in-person sessions due to COVID, which we are happy to discuss as we move forward).

Diversity is important to us, and we hope to continue to build a clinical staff that reflects the diversity of our client population and our community. We are especially interested in hiring bilingual, BIPOC, LGBTQ, and/or male clinicians – though if you are a qualified and interested candidate, we want to hear from you even if you are not a member of one of these groups.

What makes Lindsey Hoskins & Associates a great place to work?

Joining our practice offers an opportunity to be part of a great team without the bureaucracy and red tape of a large agency or community organization. We LOVE having different therapists work with different parts of a family system, and collaborating with each other to best support our clients. We also meet regularly for case consultations and enjoy learning from and augmenting each other’s work. This provides our staff members with loads of support and eliminates the isolation that often comes from working in solo private practice.

Our strong infrastructure and administrative support means that we take care of your scheduling, billing, EHR, and all the other little details that can make working in private practice so time-consuming. Instead, you get to focus on your clients and your clinical work. No more answering lots of phone calls, back-and-forth emails for scheduling, or making sure there are enough cups in the waiting room!

We want to support you in becoming the best clinician you can be. To do that, we encourage you to bring your creativity and uniqueness to your work in the practice – whether that means learning a new treatment modality, starting a new group, or any other idea you might come up with, Lindsey and the practice will work with you to make them a reality. We also offer licensure reimbursement and an annual CEU allowance, so that you can focus on your clinical work without having to worry too much about the nuts and bolts of maintaining your license.

As a female-owned, family-focused business, we are sensitive to the needs of our staff members to maintain flexible schedules that allow you to focus on your family and other obligations – especially during this unique time in our culture and dealing with the realities of distance learning, etc. Creating a schedule that works for you and allows you to be available at times when clients want to be seen is a skill that we’ve honed over time – and you’ve got our support in getting that figured out.

We’ll connect you with your ideal clients, allowing you to explore, expand your expertise, and develop a special interest niche that excites you. We will work with you to identify, market to, and build a caseload full of clients that are engaging and make you excited to come to work each day.

Mentorship is a part of your relationship with the practice, and Lindsey and other senior staff members strive to be easily available for case consultations, support in navigating ethical or procedural questions, helping you through the licensure process, or whatever other professional questions might be relevant.

Finally, we are proud of the comfortable, professional space that we’ve created in our two office locations, as well as our ability to provide secure, high-quality teletherapy services. You and your clients will enjoy being in our well-appointed offices, with access to a kitchen, refreshments, a zen-like waiting room, and much more. We want our office to feel homey and safe, and think that we’ve made that a reality.

If Lindsey Hoskins & Associates sounds like a place you’d enjoy working, please check out the rest of our website to get a feel for the practice, who we are, our services, and what we represent. You can email your resume, along with information about your current license, what kind of caseload you’re looking for, and areas of clinical special interest, to our practice administrator Jessi Manor, who will get you set up for a virtual meeting with Lindsey to discuss whether we are a mutual fit. If all goes well, we can have you up and running in a week or two!

We appreciate your interest and can’t wait to hear from you!