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Therapist Bethesda, MDA therapist in Bethesda, MD from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates has helped people of many ages who are struggling with difficult thoughts, feelings, or mental health conditions. Teenagers in particular are at a problematic age in itself, and the distress may become too much to bear, and this is when a therapist can offer support. Therapy doesn’t have to only be reserved for when life changing events happen or a mental health issue arises. Anyone no matter what stage of life they are in can benefit from talk therapy.


Depression is a mood disorder that can begin in the teenage years. If it is not properly treated and attended to right away, it can linger into adulthood and worsen. A teen who is consistently down, irritable, or withdrawn from friends and family may benefit from intervention from a therapist. Depression is a treatable condition and must be taken seriously from the start.


It’s normal to worry sometimes, but when teens are under immense pressure, they can quickly become distraught with anxious feelings. Anxiety can interrupt a person’s life, including their success in academics and personal relationships. As your therapist may suggest, if your teen has trouble with things like speaking in front of the class, worrying excessively about the future, or can’t seem to maintain friendships, then you may want to consider therapy at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates.


Teens can get overwhelmed for many reasons, but during this period of life stress often is due to pressure to perform well in studies, sports, extra curriculars, and socially. A Maryland therapist in Bethesda can be a neutral person to talk to who is removed from the teen’s personal life, and someone who can teach them coping skills for how to manage stress better. 

Substance Use

Drugs and alcohol use can become a problem for young adults. A therapist can evaluate your teen’s substance abuse and recommend the right course of treatment, whether that be group therapy, residential treatment, detox, individual therapy, rehabiliation, or other resources.

School/Social Issues

Everyone’s high school years come with heavy expectations to succeed. Poor grades, bullies, and toxic friendships are just a few examples of difficulties that a teenager may go through. Teens may not know who they can talk to, and may feel alone in their thoughts. Parents are encouraged to consider taking their teen to therapy if any of the information provided here resonates with what their child is experiencing. 

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Parents must stay alert to signs that their teenager is having trouble emotionally. Mental health should be treated as seriously as physical symptoms. The sooner a teenager gets support, the better they can manage daily life as they grow into adulthood. Get help for your teen by contacting Lindsey Hoskins & Associates to schedule an appointment with a dedicated and empathetic therapist in Bethesda, Maryland as soon as possible.