You may have seen signs in your relationship that it’s time for marriage counseling Potomac MD offers. Our clinicians at Lindsey Hopkins & Associates are trained to work with couples who are experiencing difficulties in their marriage.
There are many reasons why couples turn to marriage counseling Potomac MD has available. All of our clinicians are licensed couple and family therapists. If you wish to focus on a particular area such as intimacy, divorce and separation, or infidelity recovery, one of our experienced clinicians may help you with those particular areas.

7 Signs That It’s Time to Consider Seeing a Marriage Counselor

  1. You’ve stopped speaking to one another. It may be time to consider marriage counseling Potomac MD couples benefit from if you and your spouse have stopped talking. If there is no deep or meaningful communication about the things most important to each of you, it may signal a significant problem.
  2. You’re talking, but it’s never fun. When communication turns consistently negative, it can lead to feelings of anger, shame, depression, disappointment, or insecurity. It can also make one or both partners want to withdraw from the relationship, as well as the conversation. Our clinicians at Lindsey Hopkins & Associates provide marriage counseling Potomac MD individuals and couples seek to help improve communication.
  3. Affection or intimacy is used as punishment or reward. If one spouse is manipulating the other or controlling them in unhealthy ways, resentment can build up. This can lead to a host of other problems that can damage the marriage. Potomac MD marriage counseling may help restore balance in the relationship.
  4. You seem more like enemies than partners. If it feels like you against your partner, or your partner feels that way about you, then it’s time to tackle the underlying causes. Marriage is intended to be a lifelong partnership between two people who are on the same team. After marriage counseling Potomac MD spouses are often reminded of why they chose the other person to be their lifemate.
  5. There is or has been infidelity in the marriage. Even considering being unfaithful can indicate that the person is not satisfied with their current relationship. An affair does not always end a marriage, but it can be a significant challenge to overcome. Marriage counseling may be an opportunity to stop the clock, or at least pause it enough to prevent more damage from occurring in the relationship. If the underlying issues are dealt with before an affair happens, it may offer the best chance for the marriage to get back on track.
  6. When one or both of you is blaming the other for all the problems in the marriage.A neutral therapist can often help both people in the relationship understand their individual responsibilities for what may be going wrong.
  7. When one or both of you is keeping secrets from the other. A therapist can help you clarify what is being kept secret and why. The underlying cause can be mistrust, but there may be many complicated reasons. Marriage counseling can help bridge those gaps.

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