Counseling for Unmarried Couples Kensington, MD Counseling for Unmarried Couples Kensington, MD

If you and your partner are going through a difficult time, you may need the help of Kensington, MD counseling for unmarried couples. Often, when people think of going to a couples counselor, they want to go because they are attempting to save their relationship. This is not always the case, however, and many couples are now going for counseling as they end their relationship. This type of counseling may sound like a waste of time, but the couples counselors at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates understand that this is an incredibly hard time for both you and your partner and we can help provide you with the tools and resources you need to help you with your transition from the couples life to single life. Especially if you and your partner have children together, this can become even more challenging, and we want to ensure you have the stable foundation you need to make the necessary changes during this process. Please reach out to our office if you and your partner would like to go through couples counseling Kensington, MD trusts about your separation. Even if you aren’t married, you could still use counseling for unmarried couples in Kensington, Maryland. 

Separating feels like the right decision but I’m nervous. What can I expect?

We know the different feelings that you’re going through and want to help explain them and help you understand them. Kensington, MD counseling for unmarried couples is here to help you. Whether you have been in a relationship for one year or 20 years, separating can feel like you’re missing a large chunk from your life. Similar to the stages of grief, you can expect to go through different stages during and after the separation process, and we are here to walk you through each one.

  1. Denying What’s Happening. This is common as you and your partner begin to test the waters of separation. Maybe you decide not to live with one another or perhaps you have been considering separation for years but wanted to make it work. We can help you work through these feelings of denial.
  2. Pain. After you accept that you and your partner are separating, the denial begins to slip away and you will likely begin feeling pain and sadness over the situation. These feelings are completely normal as you start to mourn the relationship that is no longer there.
  3. Anger at Your Partner. The next feelings you might feel are those of anger. Instead of focusing on how painful the situation is, you may feel that it is your partner’s fault that you are here in the first place and that you could not work it out.
  4. Righting the Relationship. You may even come to a point during the separation process where you believe the relationship can be fixed, even if you have tried to fix it multiple times. This can happen for many reasons and can be the result of wishing to stay in what is comfortable.
  5. Acceptance. When you accept that separation is the right answer, you can begin to move on with your life and start fresh.

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We can help you through each stage during the separation process and can help you and your partner decide if you want to continue working at this relationship or end it as amicably as possible. To see how couples counseling for unmarried couples in Kensington, MD can help you, call us now.