Physical Therapy treatment is useful for many ailments and is known for having interesting methods. Care is characterized by the maintenance of the spinal discs, spinal column and the adjoining muscles and joints. A Physical Therapist is trained to manipulate the spine resulting in stress and pain reduction in those areas including the lower back.

Pregnant women have been proven to benefit from Physical Therapy treatment. Most Physical Therapists do invest in wellness treatments for pregnant women or women trying to become pregnant. Some are even specialized practitioners for pregnancy Physical Therapy practice. Typically they will practice on a special table designed to accommodate a pregnant woman’s body and different techniques developed to avoid unnecessary pressure on the fetus.

Importance of Pregnant Physical Therapy Care

Pregnancy puts the body through all sorts of changes and they can be quite overwhelming. The body takes on a protruding belly, postural adaptations, an increased back curve and pelvic changes–”growing pains” for the baby’s growth and arrival to say the least. All that expansion can result in joint pain or a misaligned spine.

Physical Therapy care during pregnancy is useful in maintaining an equilibrium in your pelvic alignment and balance. If that is not maintained, then a misaligned pelvis may not have enough room for the baby to develop, a condition known as intrauterine constraint. This condition can also cause difficulties in delivery if the baby cannot be turned into the proper birthing position.

If a baby is taking a posterior or “breech” position, then it will interfere with the natural vaginal birth and may result in an emergency cesarean section. Keeping the spine aligned will help the body throughout the pregnancy and through the delivery. The nervous system communicates with the entire body, so it should be cared for properly.

Benefits of Physical Therapy Treatment While Pregnant

Expectant mothers may expect many ways that Physical Therapy care will benefit them through their pregnancy. Benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Controlling symptoms like nausea
  • Reducing duration of labor and delivery
  • Reduction in neck, back and joint pain during the pregnancy and after; may also help prevent the need for a cesarean delivery
  • If you have Physical Therapy treatment, you are promoting a faster recovery after childbirth

When Physical Therapists treat expectant mothers, they correct any misalignments that can occur during labor or birth and help ensure that the mother’s body functions properly and at full potential capacity so she can recover after delivery.

The Physical Therapy process can also help correct posture problems or back pain caused by bottle or breast feeding and carrying around the baby, so it can be advantageous to continue care after birth as well. Look up an experienced Physical Therapy clinic such as the physical therapy Rockville, MD offers to its’ locals today to see if treatment is right for you.

Thanks to authors at Pain and Arthritis Center for their insight into Physical Therapy Care.