Therapist in Bethesda Maryland

bethesda-maryland-When you are searching for a trusted therapist based in Bethesda, Maryland that you can rely on, consider getting services from the team at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates. They have a reputable and qualified team of therapists who understand how to meet the needs of their clients. Knowing how to begin with therapy can be confusing, but their team is ready to help. Request an appointment today if you would like to know more about the benefits that therapy offers and how they can bring positive results to your life and make you feel empowered. 

Therapist in Bethesda MD 

Finding the right therapist can be a huge challenge if you are just starting out. The team at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates are skilled and highly trained professionals who specialize in individual therapy, couples counseling and family therapy. They are highly rated by their clients in the Bethesda, MD area. They provide accessible therapy services for a range of clients struggling with a variety of issues. Therapy offers many benefits and has helped many people overcome their struggles. Learn more about how you can receive their services and find the right therapist for you. 

Preparing For Your First Session

Before your first therapy session, you may be feeling nervous and anxious about what to expect. The first therapy session can be intimidating, but know that you are not going to be forced to speak about topics that you are not comfortable with. After completing paperwork and going through introductions, the therapist will ask you simple questions about why you have decided to attend therapy and your struggles. Some of the ways you can prepare for your initial session is to write down any questions you have or topics you want to go over with the therapist.

Things to Know About Therapy 

Having realistic expectations about therapy is crucial. A top therapist in Bethesda, MD will advise you not to assume that you will immediately feel better after one session or that you will find solutions to your issues right away. Therapy will take time to have an impact, and you may not see results until several sessions in. You might even need to speak to multiple therapists to find the best match for you. Going into therapy with an open mind and tempering your expectations can help make your experience go more smoothly. 

Common Misconceptions

The many misconceptions about therapy sway some people from considering it as an option at all. Myths about therapy can give people the wrong impression or misguided foundational understanding about how it works and who it is beneficial for. Some of the most common ones that people may have heard of include: 

  • Going to therapy means you are a weak person
  • Therapy is only for people with mental disorders
  • Therapy only benefits people going through a struggle

Search For a Qualified Therapist

If you are interested in finding out how therapy can transform your life, do not hesitate to explore your options. Schedule an appointment with a skilled therapist that the Bethesda, MD community trusts now.