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A counselor from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates may reassure you during couples counseling in Washington, DC that every relationship has its ups and downs. Sometimes you might feel close to one another and other times you may feel distances. Likewise, there may be periods in which things are going great and then you find yourselves stuck in arguments and misunderstandings.

If you are thinking that your relationship is in trouble, but are unsure, consider some of the following indicators. Being able to recognize whether or not there are valid problems and then considering attending DC couples counseling in Washington are the first steps towards addressing them. 

There is a Prolonged Feeling of Distance

It is normal for a couple to go through times in which there is a feeling of distance. However, if this time is prolonged and one or both of you feel as if you’re drifting apart, the relationship may not be going well. As a couples counsellor might explain during couples counseling in Washington, drifting apart can be a vague term, but in general it refers to a couple who no longer spends time together, or who prefers to do things separately and with other people. 

Apart from actual physical distance, it is certainly possible for distance to manifest itself in an emotional way. For example, when a partner no longer shares their feelings with their spouse, and prefers to keep them inside, there could be an issue. From the outside, it may appear as though you are content, but inside you might feel upset, hurt, or resentful. If you keep these feelings balled up inside, you may become withdrawn and unhappy. 

Another way distance can incur is when you or a partner is apathetic about a situation. For example, if your partner does, or does not do, something that you want, need, or expect, and you merely shrug it off as being unimportant, it may be an indicator that you are no longer engaged in the relationship. 

Finally, if you or a partner is beginning to look elsewhere or be attracted to other people, there may be a significant amount of distance in the relationship. Even though you both may want to improve or change your relationship for the better, you may feel strongly about your needs being unmet. This is the time to seriously consider going to DC couples counseling at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates. 

You Are Unable to Resolve Conflicts

You may try to communicate with one another about various problems, but it might seem like it goes nowhere. You may feel misunderstood or unable to talk openly. A constant sense of tension may overwhelm you thoughts and it may take its toll on how you feel for one another. Fighting might begin to occur more often than ever and reactions to things may feel as if they are out of control.

Something said innocently might result in your partner become extremely upset. All of these things are indicators of unresolved conflicts that are manifesting in the relationship; a couples counsellor can help to address and resolve these issues during a Washington, DC couples counseling session.

There is Less Sexual Attention

If you find that there has been a long period of little to no sexual activity, things may not be going great. Bare in mind that it is normal for there to be times in which sexual activity is decreased. However, prolonged sexual connection could be an indicator that there is a diminished sense of affection between the two of you. It should be noted that sexual activity or attention is not only referring to the physical act of sex, but also cuddling, touching, and overall affection. 

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If you can relate to what is discussed above, consider couples counseling in Washington, DC at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates and reaching out right away about how we can support you as a couple.