A Therapist Chevy Chase MD Trusts Lets You In On What We’re Thinking

As a Chevy Chase therapist, when a new client walks into my office, I can often sense their hesitancy, their nervousness, their fear of being vulnerable in front of another person.  Of course, I try to recognize this right away and help them to feel comfortable with the process.  However, as therapy proceeds clients will, at times, express their curiosity of what I must think of them, their problems – particularly in comparison to other individual clients or couples I have seen.

Clients tend to get embarrassed because they present the worst side of themselves to me – often they reassure me that they do have good times too. They share that I must think they are the unhealthiest, loudest, most hopeless couple I have ever seen. They also wonder about how my life must be in comparison – that I must have the perfect marriage, perfect family. Or, that I could never understand their situation because I have never been through what they have. Let me assure you, none of this is true! Though I can’t speak for every therapist in Chevy Chase MD, this is what I really think:

  1. You aren’t the “worst” client I have ever seen.  There is really no such thing  –  lasting change is more difficult to achieve with some clients than others. But I understand that everyone who walks into my office is different – they come from different circumstances, different challenges and traumas, and knowing this puts your behavior into perspective.  I want to learn about you and your relationships by seeing the real you – and only by learning about and seeing the real you, can I really help you.
  2. I don’t have the perfect life – I’m not even sure what that is! I have spent years working on myself and my relationships through my education and my own experiences going to therapy (yes, I have been to therapists).  Even now, though, I argue with my husband, I sometimes yell at my kids, but I know how to recover from these issues – I want the same for my clients.
  3. I don’t completely know what you have been through because I haven’t been through everything  one can possibly go through in life – thank goodness.  I would not be capable of doing my job if I had! My job is to get to know you and your experience from your perspective.  My job is to put myself in your shoes and be empathic and be a mirror for you and a guide.

If you ever feel self-conscious in therapy, let your Chevy Chase therapist know.  We want you to feel comfortable enough to be your honest, true self so we can really help you – and sometimes we need a reminder to be our honest, true selves with you so you can feel the human connection necessary for true growth in therapy.

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