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Does couples counseling work?

Family Counseling Potomac MDThis is a question we receive from time to time as counselors, and we also hear it from friends and family in Potomac MD. The truth is that couples counseling and family counseling can work as much as the participants want it to work. Here are some tips that can help maximize the effectiveness of couples counseling for you and your partner.

1. Be sure both of you want to participate in couples counseling. Unless both of you are invested in the process, achieving your goals of resolving your issues will be more challenging. When you are mutually committed, there is a far likelier chance for a positive outcome.

2. Be mutually clear on what issues you want to address and what your partner wants to address. Without clarity, achieving your goals can be very difficult, if not impossible. In addition, with a clear understanding of what exactly you’d like to address, it can be easier to envision how many couples counseling sessions you may need.

3. Be willing to commit to a period of time that you will attend couples counseling sessions. If there are issues that are serious enough to send you to counseling for your relationship, then they are probably not easily resolved or else you would have already done that. By committing to attending a certain number of family counseling sessions in Potomac MD, it allows a period of time to work through these serious issues. Otherwise, one or both of you may give up before a positive conclusion has the opportunity to develop.

4. Be willing to look at yourself and make changes about your own behavior. More than likely, you (as well as your partner) have developed problems with each other. If that behavior is identified and acknowledged only by one person and not the other, this leaves a power imbalance. It also prevents true healing from taking place between the two of you. Unless both of you are open to making changes in your behavior ahead of time, couples counseling or family counseling may not be successful.

5. Be open to switching counselors if necessary. There are various approaches that counselors can take when working with couples who want to deal with one or more issues. There is no best approach except the one that works to help couples improve the strength of their relationship. However, because every person is unique, including the counselor, you or your partner may not feel your current counselor is a good fit. At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, we understand and acknowledge this. Though we make every effort to match one of our counselors with a couple, it’s hard to anticipate the connection that is made or not made between counselor and client. For this reason, we encourage couples to not give up on the counseling and instead to consider switching to someone else who may be a better fit. Though this it’s rare that this comes up as an issue, it’s always a possibility.

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