Marriage Counseling Potomac MDIf you feel like your marriage is facing some challenges, you might want to consider marriage counseling Potomac MD residents could benefit from. Lindsey Hoskins & Associates has a team of trained clinicians who are ready to help you to address a broad range of issues. Guided in a comfortable environment, our sessions are conducted in a thoughtful, supportive, and effective manner.

Couples may experience a broad range of tribulations in their marriage. When these problems arise, one party, or both, may wonder whether or not they should partake in Potomac MD marriage counseling. Here are three signs that it may be time to find a marriage counselor:

1. Communication has ceased or has become negative: Deteriorating communication can make it difficult to revive the relationship and get it going in the right direction. Negative communication could include anything that causes at least one partner to feel insecure, unworthy, or depressed. The tone of the conversation may be just as important as the words themselves. Negative communication can lead to heightened emotions, angry outbursts, emotional or physical abuse, and unhealthy nonverbal communication. Couples who struggle to communicate effectively with one another may benefit from marriage counseling Potomac MD has to offer. In these sessions, your clinician may show you how to work through, and express, issues while also acting as an unbiased mediator.

2. The couple co-exists rather than living and interacting like a couple: When a couple acts more like housemates rather than a couple, marriage counseling Potomac MD can provide may be useful. It’s normal to do things separately and to have one’s own hobbies; however, if there is a lack of conversation and intimacy, or an overall distance, it could be time to seek marriage counseling in Potomac MD. A clinician may try to uncover the cause of this distance, and through a careful approach, may assist in rekindling the relationship.

3. Both spouses acknowledge the problem but cannot fix it: Couples in distress often know there is a problem. While being able to acknowledge the problem, many couples don’t know how to address it in the right way. If you realize there is an overlay of discord in your relationship, marriage counseling Potomac MD offers might be an adequate solution. A third party clinician should help to get your relationship unstuck and moving in the desired direction.

The aforementioned only skim the surface of reasons to seek Potomac MD marriage counseling. Other reasons could include extramarital affairs, emotional or physical abuse, separation, or illness. For couples who are ready and willing to commit to the process, marriage counseling may help to reignite the passion, understanding, and openness which might have been precursors to their vows. Ultimately, these sessions could solidify your relationship and bring you closer to one another.

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