Couples Counseling Washington DC

Reasons to Seek Couples CounselingBeing in a romantic relationship with someone isn’t always roses and sunshine. It’s common for even the happiest couples to experience problems from time to time. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your relationship. You can attend couples counseling and try to resolve your issues. The Washington DC counselors at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates share some reasons to seek couples therapy.

You Don’t Feel Physically Attracted to Your Partner

Physical attraction is very important in romantic relationships. However, attraction can dwindle after a couple has been together for a while. They might not get excited to see each other as much or become intimate. Whether it’s due to changing hormones or age, not feeling attracted to your partner anymore can hurt your relationship.

You Get Into Arguments All the Time

It is normal for couples to disagree sometimes. However, if it seems like every conversation with your significant other turns into an argument, there may be deeper underlying issues. Fighting all the time is not pleasant can put a big strain on the relationship. By attending couples counseling, you can figure out why you’re arguing all the time and try to resolve it.

You Don’t Get Along with One Another’s Families

If you don’t get along with your partner’s family members, it can make holiday parties and other gatherings very awkward. You may feel a lot of anxiety before you see your in-laws. Because you will likely have to see these people for a long time, it’s important to determine why you’re not getting along and try to work through it.

You Don’t Communicate That Much

Constant communication is essential for a healthy relationship. If you and your partner rarely say more than a few words to each other each day, something may be wrong. If you attend couples counseling, you can discover why communication is lacking in your relationship and find a way to fix it.

You or Your Partner Had an Affair

Many relationships end because of infidelity. The partner who was cheated on feels betrayed and may not be able to trust the other partner again. However, some couples choose to work through it. If you and your partner want to work past an affair, couples counseling may be necessary. During counseling, you can discover the reasons behind the affair and find out if your relationship is worth saving.

You Don’t Respect Your Partner’s Opinions

In a relationship, you’re not going to agree on every single thing. That is normal. However, it’s still important to respect your partner’s opinions. If you constantly make your partner feel bad about having a differing opinion, it could put a lot of stress on the relationship.

If you believe you and your partner could benefit from couples counseling Washington DC couples recommend, make an appoint with a therapist from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates. We have counseled many couples in the past and can help you and your significant other work through your issues.