Unique Wedding Ceremony Chevy Chase MDWhen it comes to hosting a unique wedding ceremony Chevy Chase MD couples often turn to Lindsey Hoskins & Associates. For years, Lindsey Hoskins has helped clients to create the perfect wedding of their dreams. We understand the importance of professionals planning a unique wedding ceremony in Chevy Chase MD only after getting to know the couple. Equally important is taking the time to reflect on their wishes of how they want their wedding ceremony to unfold. If you would like to know more about Lindsey Hoskins & Associates and our wedding ceremony services, please call us at (240) 752-7650.

Ideas for Creating a Unique Wedding

If you want to hold a unique wedding ceremony Chevy Chase MD might be the perfect location. The wedding ceremony is the pinnacle of the celebration. Whether you plan to have a secular or a religious ceremony, this is a time when couples have the opportunity to express who they are and their beliefs. Personal touches, special rituals, and even aesthetic decor can help express the love of the two people getting married. A Chevy Chase unique wedding ceremony can be enhanced with any or all of the following:

  • Ceremony Circle Seating – When you are thinking about a unique wedding ceremony Chevy Chase MD has a variety of settings from which to choose. Many of these are well suited to circular seating that takes the form of a spiral or a large circle with no aisle. The latter is great for couples who don’t want a hierarchy-type seating arrangement for guests.
  • Ring Warming Ceremony – A popular option for a unique wedding ceremony Chevy Chase MD couples might consider a ring warming ceremony. In this moving experience the wedding bands will be passed around to every guest while encouraging them to wish, bless, or say a prayer for the marriage. If you prefer not to pass the rings, they can be tied to a book that is signed by guests.
  • Irish Hand Fasting – An ancient Irish tradition held at weddings, this ceremony ties the wrists of the two soon-to-be newlyweds. Colored ribbons that hold significant meaning are generally chosen to bind them together. Charms or flowers can then be added to the ribbon for an extra personal touch.
  • Poetry Readings – There are thousands of wonderful poems on love and marriage. You can choose one the speaks to you, write your own, or have a poet write one for your ceremony. This can then be read by you, your partner, or another guest at the ceremony. It can also be accompanied by music and the lighting of candles.

These are only some of the ways you may choose to have a unique wedding ceremony Chevy Chase MD community members will remember. The classic flower bouquet, white wedding dress, aisle, and wedding song were not part of traditional wedding ceremonies until folks decided to incorporate them. Now most people include these traditions in their wedding ceremony, but you can create your own tradition.

Make Your Wedding Personal

This is your special day and you deserve the best. If you want to discuss options for a unique wedding ceremony Chevy Chase MD couples recommend, a wedding officiant from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates will be happy to talk to you; call (240) 752-7650.