Unique Wedding Ceremony Chevy Chase MD

Unique Wedding Ceremony Chevy Chase, MD

If you are looking for a unique wedding ceremony Chevy Chase MD couples recommend, Lindsey Hoskins & Associates can help. We offer three ministers of the American Fellowship Church and all three are authorized to perform a unique wedding ceremony in Chevy Chase MD, as well as throughout all of Maryland and Washington, DC.

Over the years, the exchange of vows has become more and more personal, as couples have more control over exactly what type of ceremony they want. Many of our clients who are planning a unique wedding ceremony Chevy Chase MD guests will enjoy often incorporate both unconventional elements and traditional elements in their wedding vows. Some of the most beautiful parts of these exchanges of vows have included sand ceremonies, ring passing ceremonies, readings, and unity candle ceremonies.

The beauty about planning a unique wedding ceremony Chevy Chase MD guests will always remember is that you are free to create the exact ceremony you and your future spouse want.

When you partner with Lindsey Hoskins & Associates for your special day, there are numerous items and services we provide. These include:

  • An in-person consultation in order to help you decide which one of our ministers is the right officiant for your ceremony. This consultation is absolutely free.
  • We can provide you with suggestions and ideas for your vows, any rituals you may want to incorporate in your ceremony, as well as different readings you may like.
  • Unlimited email correspondence regarding the planning of your ceremony and the script you want to use. We also provide up to two hours of in-person planning and are happy to plan that time around your busy schedule.
  • Your ceremony will be personalized to honor your relationship. With that in mind, we will also provide you with an electronic copy of the final ceremony script.
  • We also coordinate with other vendors who are involved in your wedding ceremony, ensuring the event is perfect.
  • For an additional fee, we can also attend and coordinate the ceremony rehearsal.
  • Once you and your significant other have exchanged vows and are legally wed, we will submit your marriage license to the appropriate Chevy Chase, DC, or other Maryland courthouse.

Ideas for a Unique Wedding

At  Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, we not only help engaged couples work through various concerns or ideas before their marriage, but we also help to marry them. If you would like to know more about our wedding officiant services, please call Lindsey Hoskins & Associates.

Have a Unique Wedding Ceremony in Chevy Chase, MD

This is your wedding and you likely have a lot of creative ideas on how you would like to celebrate your relationship and the person you love. Now is the time to be sentimental, kind, romantive, imaginative, or even outrageous (in a good way)! If you are planning your wedding and want a unique wedding ceremony in Chevy Chase, MD, let Lindsey Hoskins & Associates give you a few ideas to get your mind going. 

Add Creative Elements

One of the best ways to create a unique wedding ceremony in Chevy Chase, Maryland is to add creative elements. This is a time to showcase who the two of you are. For example, if you both love trees, then plant a tree together. If you are both fans of a sports team, wear the jersey at some point in your wedding. You can do whatever you want to do so long as it is something meaningful. 

Take Away Traditions That You Don’t Like or Care About

Not everyone will resonate with the traditional wedding ceremony. Just because something has been done in a way for a very long time doesn’t mean you have to go with it too. If the tradition doesn’t connect with you or goes against what you believe, let it go. Start your own traditions now!

Think About the Guests

If you are planning a unique wedding ceremony in Chevy Chase, MD, you might want to create a ceremony that will be memorable for you and your guests. Have you ever been to a wedding before and there was something that you liked and didn’t like?

Incorporate this into the guest experience. For instance you don’t want to create a unique wedding, but watch your guests falling asleep or passing out from the heat of a July summer (with no fans provided). 

Utilize Meaningful Language

A large part of the wedding ceremony involves words. These words include those of your wedding officiant and the words you exchange with your new bride or groom. It is important what you say has meaning. Consider talking with your officiant for some useful advice or incorporate quotes, prayers, poems, or songs into what you have to say. 

Personalize Your Wedding Party

Your wedding party is a big part of your wedding. Consider having them wear different, but similar outfits, or asking them to hold something other than flowers. You might mix up the ages or genders. Whatever it might be that makes your wedding ceremony unique, then do it!

Mix the Procession Up

Why not mix your Chevy Chase, MD unique wedding ceremony up from the beginning and start your ceremonial procession off with something different. For example, the groom could walk down some of the aisle, or the bride could walk down the aisle with her mother and father. You could play your favorite song or have the groom meet you halfway. 

Let Us Help You Plan a Unique Wedding Ceremony Chevy Chase MD Attendees Will Love

If you and your significant other have decided to take your relationship to the next step and are planning a Chevy Chase unique wedding ceremony, contact Lindsey Hoskins & Associates for assistance. We offer very reasonable rates for our brides and grooms. Our ceremony planning and wedding officiant fee is $600. If you would like your officiant to coordinate and attend your wedding rehearsal, the fee is $200. For those ceremonies that are taking place more than 30 miles from area code 20814, there is an additional $50 travel fee.

Lindsey Hoskins & Associates also offers a premarital counseling package. Couples who choose to attend those sessions will receive a 10 percent discount on our ceremony packages.

Call to get a unique wedding ceremony Chevy Chase MD offers at 240-752-7650 today!