Relationship Therapist Washington DC Relationship Therapist Washington DC

Even the happiest of relationships can sometimes hit a bump in the road. While many couples are able to work through their issues, there are situations that can come up where a couple may need the assistance of a Washington DC relationship therapist.

Relationship therapy is a form of counseling that focuses on relationships. A Washington DC relationship is specifically trained to help couples identify their issues and work on solutions to those issues. The counseling provides a neutral place for couples to share how they are feeling and work through these feelings to get to a good place again.

The key to finding solutions to relationship issues is communication and your Washington DC relationship therapist can show you ways to improve the way you and your partner communicate.

Relationship Counseling

While many people tend to view relationship counseling as something only for couples who are ready to split up, the truth is that all couples have their issues and many couples can actually benefit by working with a relationship therapist in Washington DC. Couples who are married, living together, engaged, newlyweds, or together for decades can work with a relationship therapist.

Some of the more common issues that couples therapy Washington DC  families trust from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates include:

  •       Couples who are dealing with addiction
  •       Couples who are dealing with infidelity
  •       Couples who are dealing with losses or tragedy
  •       Couples who are dealing with mental health issues
  •       Couples who are dealing with serious medical issues
  •       Couples who disagree about financial issues
  •       Couples who disagree about how household responsibilities should be shared and cannot reach a solution
  •       Couples who disagree about lifestyle choices
  •       Couples who disagree about parenting issues/styles
  •       Couples who feel as if they argue about the same issues over and over again without reaching a resolution
  •       Couples who feel the relationship are lacking in intimacy and/or sexual relations
  •       Couples who feel their partner is emotionally unavailable

Does Relationship Therapy Work?

You may wonder – especially if you are ready to end your relationship – if counseling can really help. According to the results of research and statistics by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), 75 percent of couples report improvements in their relationships after working with a relationship therapist. And even more good news, approximately 90 percent of couples feel that their emotional health improves and 70 percent report improvements in their physical health.

No relationship comes easy and all relationships need attention and work in order to thrive and survive. A relationship therapist Washington DC couples recommend can help you and your partner work through whatever struggles you may have and learn how to move past and work together as a team. To learn more, call Lindsey Hoskins & Associates for a complimentary phone consultation and find out how we may be able to help.