Many couples who are married often find themselves considering whether or not they would benefit from marriage counseling Chevy Chase MD residents recommend. It may be surprising to learn that less than 5 percent of couples who are considering divorce try marriage counseling first. That means that 95 percent of married couples – including those in Maryland – filed for divorce without knowing whether the marriage may have been saved by Chevy Chase marriage counseling.

When Should You Go?

Studies show that the average married couple who decides to try marriage counseling in Chevy Chase MD has waited six years before actually moving forward to meet with a marriage counselor. Other studies show that more than half of marriages that fail do so in the first seven years. Spouses who are having problems but delay going to marriage counseling Chevy Chase MD couples recommend, stay stuck in an unhappy place in their marriage for a long time. If they had considered marriage counseling sooner, not only could they have avoided those unhappy years, they also stand a greater chance at having their marriage succeed. The damage is often too deep if couples wait too long to seek help.

Learning to Make it Work

Marriage counseling Chevy Chase MD offers is usually provided by licensed therapists whose specialty is family therapy and who focus on a couple’s relationship. A marriage counselor offers a supportive and neutral place where couples can learn to communicate their feelings and issues that are bothering them with their spouse. They learn techniques which can help them both to understand each other better instead of communicating in an adversarial way.

A marriage therapist can teach and provide feedback on new techniques and skills which can bring about a happier marriage. Some of the things a couple may learn in marriage counseling include:

  • Better communication skills;
  • Communicating what individual needs are within the relationship;
  • Conflict resolution;
  • Expressing and sharing of painful emotions and how to resolve those;
  • Healthy arguing;
  • Negotiating change within the relationship; and
  • Working through unresolved issues.

Chevy Chase MD Marriage Counseling Takes Commitment

The problems in your marriage didn’t develop overnight and it is important to understand that marriage counseling takes commitment and can be hard work. It is important for couples to be realistic in their approach and realize that there may be times where the process may be difficult, even frustrating. The result of all that hard work can lead you and your spouse to a much better place than you ever thought could happen.

It is also important for both spouses to understand that each of you must be able to accept your role in whatever issues have developed in the marriage, and be willing to make the necessary adjustments.

Marriage Counseling Chevy Chase MD Residents Recommend

The family therapists at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, LLC will be happy to discuss whether you and your spouse could benefit from marriage counseling. To schedule an appointment for marriage counseling Chevy Chase MD has to offer, contact us today at (240) 752-7650 or fill out a contact form from our website.

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