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Wedding Officiant FAQ: How do I choose a wedding officiant?

Custom Wedding Ceremony MarylandYour wedding officiant will be one of the most important people at your ceremony, so you will want to ensure you choose the right person. You don’t want to select someone who breaks under pressure or who spontaneously edits the script you carefully wrote. A custom wedding ceremony in Maryland should reflect your and your fiance’s wishes. Rather than choosing a wedding officiant at random, you should talk with a few prospective candidates to find one with whom you are especially comfortable. At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, our officiants strive to make your dreams come true.

How do I choose a wedding officiant for a custom wedding ceremony in Maryland?

The following are a few pointers to consider when choosing a wedding officiant for your special day:

The Custom Wedding Ceremony in Maryland That You Choose

No matter the details of your custom wedding ceremony, make sure your officiant understands the traditions or rituals that you choose to accompany it. They should also know, or be willing to research, your faith’s wedding scriptures and customs with ease. Alternately, if you’re planning a secular ceremony, make sure your officiant will not include any references to religion.

Legalities for Officiants Who Perform a Custom Wedding Ceremony in Maryland

Every state has laws regarding who can legally marry people. It will be a good idea to talk with the officiant about the custom wedding ceremony location in Maryland to confirm that he or she is legally permitted to preside over your wedding.

You and Your Spouse

Some wedding officiants are very religious and are only willing to reference religious scripture. If you are planning a same sex or interfaith marriage, you’ll want to discuss your custom wedding ceremony with the prospective officiant to see if they are comfortable with it.

Premarital Counseling Sessions

Some officiants may provide or require premarital counseling sessions before the big day in Maryland. This can be a great opportunity to discuss custom wedding ceremony ideas, concerns, or for them to get to know you and your fiance better.

The Connection You Feel with the Officiant

Your connection with the officiant is important as he or she has a very important role in your custom wedding ceremony. Take some time to talk with the prospective officiant. This may help you feel more relaxed on the big day.

Your Budget

Every wedding officiant charges a fee, and that fee varies from one to the next. Be sure that what they charge will fit into your budget. If not, you may need to choose a different officiant for your custom wedding ceremony.

Experience  with Officiating a Custom Wedding Ceremony

While it’s okay to choose an officiant who has no experience, it might give you peace of mind knowing they have done this before. If experience matters to you, ask the officiant if they can provide you with references.

Finding the right officiant for your custom wedding ceremony in Maryland can take some effort, but it will be worth it. If you would like to discuss your dreams for a custom wedding ceremony Maryland newlyweds recommend, call Lindsey Hoskins & Associates today.