Can a Wedding Officiant Customize My Ceremony?

Custom Wedding Ceremony

Congratulations on your engagement! We hope you found your way to this page because you’re looking for something special, a custom wedding ceremony. Anybody can get up in front of their family and friends and repeat “for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer…” but not every couple is able to create a custom wedding ceremony that is a true reflection of their unique relationship.

That’s where we come in. Lindsey Hoskins is a minister of the American Fellowship Church, and is authorized to perform custom wedding ceremonies in the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia. Working with Lindsey, you can create exactly the kind of custom wedding ceremony you want – one that is personal, includes all of the elements you love without the things you don’t, and that will create lasting memories for both you and your guests.

We are happy to include traditional and unconventional elements in your custom wedding ceremony – for example, couples we’ve worked within the past have included ring passing ceremonies, sand ceremonies, unity candle ceremonies, readings (either from Scripture or elsewhere), music, and anything else you like. We have resources available to help you find and select the right readings and working, and will work with you until everything is just right. If time is running short or you’d rather be more hands-off, we are happy to use one of our standard ceremony scripts for you.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions about our custom wedding ceremonies and wedding officiant services. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Consider Creating a Custom Wedding Ceremony

The role of your wedding officiant is an important one when it comes to setting the tone and energy of your ceremony. A wedding officiant can strive to match the feel of your wedding day, whether that be romantic, traditional, religious, spiritual, non-traditional, professional, or comedic. You may be happiest if you choose an officiant who can help you create a custom wedding ceremony in the way you have always dreamed.

How can I customize my ceremony with the help of a wedding officiant?

It is common for an officiant to ask you a series of questions in order to learn more about you and your future husband or wife. Your officiant may ask questions regarding your beliefs, relationship dynamics, and individual personalities. An officiant may offer to send you a copy of the custom wedding ceremony draft for final suggestions and receive edits from you and your partner, in an effort to meet your expectations.

What if my fiance and myself are not of the same religious faith?

Wedding ceremonies of interfaith are fairly common. A wedding officiant can plan custom wedding ceremonies that meet the needs of both faiths, assuming a blend of each religion is what you desire. If you want to incorporate any specific traditions during the ceremony, let your officiant know which practices you would like written into the ceremony script.

What if I do not want religious terms to be used in the ceremony?

Preferring to avoid terms such as religion, God, spirituality, or other words during the ceremony is perfectly okay. A wedding officiant help create a custom wedding ceremony that excludes any religious or biblical words.

If we want our pets, children, or other family members in the ceremony, is that okay?

A wedding officiant can often accommodate requests that include your loved ones being involved in the ceremony that are of any species; whether that be human, canine, feline, or other. Perhaps more than ever, couples are opting for a custom wedding ceremony that is non-traditional and unique and which represents who they are as a family.

Can an officiant practice the ceremony with us during the rehearsal?

In order to feel confident about the service, many couples request the officiant practices with them how everything will flow and what will be said during the ceremony. By running through the ceremony at rehearsal together, it can help lessen nervousness and determine what works and what does not work.

What if we want our custom wedding ceremony to only last a certain amount of time?

The length of the ceremony depends on the preferences of the couple. Most commonly, a ceremony lasts anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes. However, it can be adjusted based on your needs. The ceremony may take longer if you want to include a song, poem or have an above average number of people in the bridal party. It may be best to prepare and have planned out the ceremony entirely before the rehearsal dinner, so your officiant can do a run-through with you prior to the wedding day. Talk to us about custom wedding ceremonies and how we can help you and your beloved make your dream come true.

Finding an Officiant For Your Ceremony

When you are planning your wedding, you want to have an officiant who brings everything together and can help you create a custom wedding ceremony. This can feel like a less important detail, after all, they are simply reading a few words and marrying you and your partner. However, a truly skilled wedding officiant like Lindsey Hoskins is so much more than that. finding the right officiant can customize your wedding ceremony so that it feels intimate: they can highlight inside jokes, discuss how you and your partner are soulmates, lighten the mood, or make your wedding a spiritual event. Thus, finding the right officiant for your wedding should not be a last-minute detail that you forget. Instead, you should spend time finding the right person who will make your custom wedding ceremony a special and unique place. For more information on how you can find the right officiant for your day, please refer to the tips below.

Tips to Finding the Right Officiant

Finding the right officiant is a special process and you want to pick someone who will make a custom wedding ceremony that is as you and your significant other.

  1. Do Your Due Diligence. Unless you are planning to look at people you know, you will likely be browsing for officiants online and determining if you want to meet with them in person. The best way you can narrow down your choices is by doing your research before meeting them. Make sure they have the necessary credentials to perform a ceremony and wed you and your partner. Make sure they are legally registered in the state you are marrying in, and that they are willing to help you create a custom wedding ceremony for your big day.
  2. Is religion a factor? You and your partner may be religious or spiritual. On the other hand, you might want to leave religion entirely out of the ceremony. Either way, you want to make sure you have an officiant who understands your core values, respects them, and officiates a custom wedding ceremony the way that you would like it.
  3. Get to Know Them. When your officiant is up there, you may want them to tell personal stories about you and your partner. Or, it may just make you more comfortable getting to know your officiant since they are an integral part of changing your life. Take the time to get to know them outside of your wedding. Meet them at the venue, go for coffee, or grab lunch. It can make your wedding day much more comfortable if you are up there with someone you trust leading your custom wedding ceremony.
  4. Do they have requirements? Some officiants (or their company) have certain requirements that a couple must go through before their wedding day, whether this is premarital counseling or other training programs. Make sure you speak with your officiant beforehand to determine if there are any such requirements so that you can plan accordingly. You want to make sure you are not completing tasks last minute before the wedding so you can focus on what is important.

If you are getting married and are trying to find the perfect officiant for your wedding, speak with Lindsey Hoskins to see how we can help you find the ideal person to officiate your custom wedding ceremony.