Couples Therapy Wheaton MDMaximizing the Value of Couples Therapy


Lindsey Hoskins & Associates offers couples therapy for residents of Wheaton MD who wish to explore healthy avenues for improving their relationship. Our couples therapy sessions are held by a trained and licensed therapist from our staff. We have several therapists on staff, each of whom specializes in various areas suited to your therapy needs. When you contact our Wheaton MD office for couples therapy, we can provide you with more information about the members of our staff.


Strengthen Your Relationship


The couples therapy we offer in Wheaton MD is intended to help you strengthen your relationship by helping you and your partner learn new and effective strategies for dealing with difficult issues. You may have reached a turning point in which the ways in which you have faced challenges is no longer working. Frustrations and resentments have possibly built up, aggravating the distance and anger between you. If this describes your circumstances, couples therapy with one of our therapists in Wheaton MD may be the solution.


Work Together to Achieve Your Relationship Goals


If only one of you are willing to work toward your relationship goals, it is not likely that you’ll reach them. This in itself may add to the growing amount of resentment between you. Just as it’s important to value and cherish yourself as an individual, it is equally important to honor your partner and the relationship between you. In this way, as you work to achieve your mutual relationship goals, you can develop a layer of trust and the feeling of safety. This is a positive cycle because as more trust develops, the more issues you can work through, and the deeper the trust between you. This is one of our goals for the couples therapy we offer in Wheaton MD.


Move Beyond the “Honeymoon Phase”


In the beginning of a relationship, it may be all excitement, happiness, and more excitement. But as time rolls on, relationships tend to ground themselves and issues crop up. Little annoyances develop. The problem can worsen when the annoyances build up and no emotional or communication infrastructure is in place to address them. In early phases of relationships, this can be a frightening proposition because partners are not confident about how their significant other will react. At our office, couples therapy provides tools and frameworks to work through the early stages of a mature relationship. By addressing this now, you can move forward using the tools you need for a healthy, long term and loving relationship. Though the “honeymoon phase” may be over, you can enjoy a fulfilling and exciting relationship on a new and deeper level.


Call Us to Learn More About How Couples Therapy in Wheaton, MD May Benefit Your Relationship


Lindsey Hoskins & Associates has provided couples therapy and other therapy choices to the Wheaton, MD community for many years. Our therapists also offer individual therapy as an option. Give us a call today at our Wheaton, MD office to learn more about couples therapy and if it’s right for you.