Professional Couples Counseling for Wheaton MD

If you and your significant other are facing difficulties in your relationship, you may want to consider couples counseling Wheaton MD offers. A licensed therapist, such as those from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, may help you resolve your issues and maintain a healthy relationship. Many couples experience problems and there’s no shame in seeking help.

What Sorts of Issues Can Couples Counseling Address?

Couples who are dating, engaged or married can face a number of different issues in their relationships. The good news is that couples counseling Wheaton MD respects may help tackle many of these problems. Here are some common issues that couples may address in counseling sessions:


Infidelity, whether a one-time occurrence or a long-lasting affair, may be addressed with couples counseling in Wheaton MD. If infidelity has affected your relationship, you and your partner may go to counseling so you can express your anger and sadness in a safe environment. An experienced therapist may help you uncover the reason behind the infidelity and may provide guidance on how to move forward.


A traumatic experience, such as the loss of a loved one or an illness, can be hard on any relationship. If you or your spouse have experienced a traumatic incident, you may be experiencing grief and anger. It can be easy to take your feelings out on one another. Couples counseling Wheaton MD counts on may help you heal from the trauma and find joy again.

Constant Arguing

If you and your partner argue about everything under the sun, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy relationship. Wheaton MD couples counseling may help you and your spouse work out the cause behind your anger and teach you both how to communicate better.

Sexual Problems

Physical intimacy is an important part of any romantic relationship. If sex is lacking in your relationship, whether it’s due to a low libido or lack of attraction, it can have a negative effect. If you and your partner discuss your sexual issues in couples therapy, you may find new ways to open up the sexual part of your relationship again.

How a Maryland Couples Counselor Can Help

No matter what issue is troubling your relationship, couples counseling Wheaton MD trusts could be beneficial. A licensed couples counselor may evaluate the problems you and your partner are having, and then determine which therapy method or methods may be helpful.

Behavioral modification is one of the more effective couples counseling methods and may help couples change the way they behave around one another. Communication coaching and insight-oriented therapy are other therapy methods that may be helpful for couples.

Before you make an appointment to see a couples counselor, understand that this therapy may take time before it is fully effective. The issues that you and your partner are having may not be resolved overnight. If you stick with couples counseling and truly want a better relationship with your partner, you may have a better chance of success.

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