Couples Therapy Kensington MD

Couples Therapy Kensington MD

Almost all Maryland couples hit points in their relationship where they both feel as if things aren’t working between them anymore and, as a result, may consider couples therapy Kensington MD couples recommend. It may be surprising to someone who is going through this that some of the same issues you and your partner are struggling with are the same ones other couples cannot resolve. These issues include finances, children, extended family involvement, and even infidelity. One of the key reasons couples have a hard time working through these things is lack of communication. Seeking couples therapy from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates can help overcome that hurdle and get the two of you working together as a team again.

Signs It May Be Time for Couples Therapy

Several signs should serve as a red flag that something is wrong and couples may need outside help:

  • Arguments and disagreements are occurring more frequently: If you find that arguments are punctuating your family’s daily routine, that is an indication that there is something deeper going on. These do not necessarily need to be large blowout fights, but even the small “spats” over what seem like insignificant things that your relationship may be strained. It is often a sign that there are more significant problems than what you two argue about that are not being addressed.
  • Lack of communication: If one or both partners feel ignored or misunderstood, that is a sign that the couple is not communicating with each other. One of the critical factors in unresolved issues between a couple is a lack of communication. With therapy, couples can learn better ways to communicate with each other and strategies for letting their partner know they aren’t listening.
  • Unable to share: Sometimes, a lack of communication comes down to one partner having something significant to share with the other, but they don’t know how to do it. Couples therapy can provide a safe place to share these feelings and help the couple navigate through whatever the problem is in a healthy manner.
  • There is something wrong: Not every couple who decides to go to therapy understands their issues. Many couples seek out couples therapy because they feel like something is off in their relationship, but they don’t know what that is. Couples therapy can help you and your partner identify the issues that are causing tension and stress between the two of you and then help you work those issues out.
  • Trust is gone: When the trust between a couple has been breached, it doesn’t have to be the end of the relationship. Whether the issue is infidelity, lying over money, or some other deception, couples therapy can help rebuild the foundation of trust the couple once had.

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Couples therapy may be one of the most challenging forms of therapy. Why? You ask. There are several reasons that this may be true. Because of this, if you are in the market for a couples therapist, it will be vital that you choose Lindsey Hoskins & Associates with many years of experience. Finding an appropriate therapist to conduct couples therapy in Kensington, Maryland, will also mean finding a person with training and credentials.

Finding a Therapist

You will likely have many questions for your therapist and the therapeutic process before beginning. It will be vital that you spend time conducting the proper research when searching for a therapist. This can occur in many ways:

  • Word of mouth
  • Internet searches
  • Referrals
  • Do your research about the field. That way, you can ensure that your therapist has the appropriate training to support you.
  • Find a therapist who will weather the storm with you
  • When you meet with a prospective therapist, assess whether or not you are compatible with them.

By gathering as much information as possible, you can increase your chances that the therapist you choose is a good fit. You will want to get started with couples therapy as soon as possible; by taking the appropriate steps, you can prevent having to find a new therapist later down the road.

Common Mistakes Therapists Make

The last thing you want to happen when working with a therapist is for them to make clinical mistakes. Despite this, your therapist is human and can make bad calls from time to time. In fact, in some situations, a therapist, especially an inexperienced one, can do far more harm to the relationship. Here are some common mistakes or red flags that a therapist can make:

  • One spouse believes that the therapist is siding with the other
  • Not listening or paying attention
  • Although the therapist may share their opinions, they shouldn’t tell you how you should make decisions surrounding your relationship.
  • Loses control of the process
  • They break HIPAA or confidentiality
  • Not having a straightforward process surrounding the session: allowing couples to interrupt one another or attack each other
  • Making the recommendation that the couple divorce or split up

Even though an experienced couples therapist could make a mistake, there is a difference between this and concerns that your therapist may not have what it takes. If couples therapy doesn’t seem productive or you observe that your therapist is not effectively treating you, it may be a good idea to find a more experienced therapist.

Marital problems can increase your stress levels; in some situations, they can even lead to divorce. Relationship issues can be challenging to deal with, especially if you and your partner have been dealing with them for many years without seeking help. Let Lindsey Hoskins & Associates support the two of you in repairing your relationship and giving you the tools you require to resolve conflicts, effectively communicate and rekindle your relationship. Call our office today to begin couples therapy Kensington MD families recommend. The best way to reach us is by calling our office to speak with us.

Before You Attend Couples Therapy…

When prospective clients consider couples therapy Kensington MD recommends, it’s only natural that they may be feeling apprehensive and a bit overwhelmed with what the process will entail. Therapy with a trained couples therapist from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates can help couples improve their communication and work through contentions or problems impacting the relationship. Putting forth the effort can help a relationship over the long run and help improve communication and tackle life’s challenges.

Here some considerations to keep in mind before your first session: 

Keep an Open Mind

It’s not uncommon for one or both parties to feel unsure or even question the therapeutic process. Know that you are in capable hands if you have taken the proper steps to locate an experienced therapist. Therapy is hard, and it will take both work and commitment to achieve the goals you and your partner have established. Being prepared, keeping an open mind, and carrying out the skills developed in sessions outside of therapy can help couples make the most of treatment. 

You Must Both be Committed and Engaged

Sometimes, one person in the relationship may be motivated to seek treatment through couples therapy to learn that the other person in the relationship is not interested. Before searching, it’s in your best interest to first have a conversation with your partner about seeking couples therapy in Kensington, Maryland. Sometimes, it may be possible to shift their thinking once you begin meeting with prospective therapists. However, keep in mind that if your partner remains resistant, they will have difficulty committing to the process. Should this occur, it may be more appropriate to consider individual treatment. 

Know That the Process Will be Emotional

Again, couples therapy takes dedication and commitment, and carrying out what you have learned in therapy outside of our office, is critical to making things work. Sometimes you and your partner will feel unresolved after a relationship, and the emotions you face may be completely unexpected. While sometimes therapy is emotionally fueled and incredibly challenging, it is also a positive way of moving forward in the relationship. 

You Deserve a Safe and Comfortable Environment to Talk About Intimate Issues

Therapy is profoundly intimate, and it’s not uncommon for couples to discuss their most personal issues. Sometimes, these are things you may not discuss with even your closest friends. Clinicians aim to create safe and inviting environments, but it’s also a good idea to first meet with a couples therapist before committing to their services. You will want to be sure that you have chosen someone you feel comfortable with, and while it will take time to build a relationship with the therapist of your choosing, it’s essential to choose someone who feels like the right fit. 

Taking the time to locate a clinician with the necessary training in couples therapy will be one of the most critical steps you should take. Lindsey Hoskins & Associates have clinicians with the credentials you are looking for when searching for an area couples therapist. Know that couples therapy can offer so many benefits and genuinely help couples strengthen their relationship and work through life’s challenges. Don’t hesitate to schedule couples therapy in Kensington, Maryland, at your earliest convenience.