Couples Therapy Kensington MD

Couples Therapy Kensington MDA therapist at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates has seen many couples struggle with various issues in their relationships during Kensington MD couples therapy sessions. The role of a therapist is to provide a safe space for partners who are going through a tough time, so they can openly share their thoughts and feelings in hopes of making things better. Over the years of providing couples therapy in Kensington MD to couples in need, we have gathered some essential tips for romantic relationships that can help them last for a very long time to come: 

Remember People Change As They Get Older

The people within the relationship and the dynamic in itself can change over the years. Perhaps one of the best things you can do is embrace this wave and support the other person as they grow and blossom as time passes. It’s normal to feel nervous as things change, but being resistance to this natural flow can cause unnecessary issues. Couples therapy in Kensington MD can help couples to learn to love your partner and yourself as you grow older together. 

When Something Bothers You, Speak Up Right Away

To prevent resentments from building, a therapist at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates may suggest speaking up immediately if something bothers you. Do not let it stew. By asking for clarification sooner, it can also help prevent you from misinterpreting the situation if your partner has not intended to say or do something in the way you had viewed it. If you wait too long and let it fester, it can spiral and explode into a bigger argument later on. Kensington MD couples therapy can help couples to learn effective ways of communicating their feelings to one another. 

Use “I Statements” Instead of Blaming During Arguments

By using “I statements” your partner can be more open to hearing how something they did made you feel without putting up their defenses. In other words, focus on how you felt about the situation. There is a chance that how you reacted to something your partner did or said is based on what you think their intentions were, and not what they actually meant. 

You Are On The Same Team

When couples get into a disagreement, they often forget that they are on the same team in their relationship. It isn’t one person battling against the other, even though it may feel that way in the moment. During couples therapy in Kensington MD, your clinician can help to remind both of you that you are on the same team. Through conversation, this can allow space for understanding and working together verses against each other. 

It Isn’t Your Job to Make the Other Happy

Sometimes, a therapist at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates sees Kensington MD couples in therapy who depend on the other for their own personal happiness. If you base how you feel solely on what someone else is doing or saying, it can lead to disappointment and a lack of true fulfillment. You have to find your own well of happiness before you can fully enjoy the person you are with. 

Kensington, Maryland couples therapy can be a great way for partners to learn more about themselves and the person they are with. If you want to know more about booking an appointment for couples therapy at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates in Kensington MD, contact us as soon as possible.