If you and your significant other are having relationship problems, you may want to consider couples therapy Chevy Chase MD trusts at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates. Our therapists possess the knowledge, experience, and compassion to help you through various relationship concerns. We may help you and your partner work through your relationship issues and find a solution. Here are a few reasons to seek couples therapy:

One or Both Partners Had an Affair

There’s no doubt that recovering from an affair is difficult. When one partner is unfaithful, the other partner may feel betrayed and angry. However, couples therapy in Chevy Chase MD can help a couple come to terms with an affair and move past it. During therapy sessions, a therapist may help a couple discover the true reason behind the affair and determine if the relationship can be salvaged or not.

Arguments Arise Too Often

It is normal for couples to have disagreements every once in awhile. However, when they start to argue about everything under the sun, it can put a strain on the relationship. During couples therapy Chevy Chase MD residents count on, a therapist can help couples find out if there is an underlying reason for their arguments. A couples therapists may also teach couples how to communicate more effectively so that they avoid arguing about misunderstandings.

There Is No Physical Intimacy

With some couples, physical intimacy decreases dramatically after they have been together for a long time. Whether it’s due to a loss of attraction or changing hormones, a lack of physical intimacy can take its toll on a relationship. In couples therapy Chevy Chase MD residents turn to for help, partners may learn how to rekindle the romance in their relationship.

Partners Are Living Separate Lives

When a couple acts more like roommates than romantic partners, Chevy Chase couples therapy may be beneficial. While it’s okay for a couple to do separate activities, it’s still important that they communicate with one another every day and feel like they are on the same page. A couples therapist can help a couple figure out what’s missing in their relationship and may provide suggestions for couples who are growing apart.

Secrets Are Being Kept

It’s important for both partners in a relationship to have a level of privacy. However, when one partner keeps secrets about finances or other important matters, this could endanger the sense of stability and trust that a healthy relationship should provide.

Contact a Therapist for Couples Therapy Chevy Chase MD Couples Depend On

At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, we understand that most couples have struggles sometimes. However, you do not have to go through it alone. One of our dedicated therapists may be able to help you improve your relationship. We offer free initial phone consultations, so do not hesitate to call us.

Whether you’ve been married for years or you’re still getting to know your partner, couples therapy may prove to be beneficial for many reasons. To find out more information about couples therapy Chevy Chase MD has to offer, contact Lindsey Hoskins & Associates at (240) 752-7650.

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