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co parenting during divorce counseling Bethesda, MDThe end of a marriage can be a sad time, even if you are the one who initiates the divorce. A divorce can be like experiencing the death of a loved one. As a result, it may require a grieving process similarly to losing a loved one. Dealing with all of the changes resulting from divorce can be difficult financially, mentally, and physically. When there are children, it can be that much harder. Many people find that co parenting during divorce counseling can be helpful when working through the divorce process. At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, we offer counseling for people who are dealing with these issues.

What are some of the feelings a parent going through a divorce may experience?

Some of the emotions that an individual may struggle with include anxiety, depression, fear, grief, and guilt. Their guilt may increase with concerns about how the divorce may affect the children. Co parenting during divorce counseling in Bethesda, MD can be easier with the aid of a therapist. A therapist from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates can provide you with the tools you need.

Depression and Anxiety

A divorce can exacerbate existing emotional issues, such as depression and anxiety. Many people feel that a divorce means they have failed their relationship and their responsibility to their children. Anger and bitterness toward the other spouse can result. Co parenting during divorce counseling can be easier if both of you are attending the sessions. Therapy can help work through those feelings and instead of feeling like they have failed, the individual often begins to view therapy as an opportunity for personal growth.

When there is an emphasis on co parenting during divorce counseling, this approach can assist in developing tools to cope with the stress. If there are negative patterns that a person brings into relationships over and over again, therapy can help break those patterns, providing a healthier outlook for future relationships.

What about co parenting during divorce counseling?

Although you may think of therapy for couples to help save their marriage, therapy for a divorcing couple can actually be very beneficial. By the time couples reach the divorce stage, they are often so angry with each other that communication is almost impossible. But when they have children and will be sharing co-parenting responsibilities, it is critical for them to be able to communicate and work together in a positive way. A therapist can also act as a mediator in helping the couple discuss critical issues such as co-parenting issues, living arrangements, and finances constructively. Co parenting during divorce counseling can be made easier with the help of a therapist from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates.

Can the children benefit from co parenting during divorce counseling?

Not only might the parents be emotionally struggling, so too might their children. Many children have feelings of guilt, abandonment, loss, and pain over the breakup of their parents. After all, their worlds are being turned upside down and they have no control over what is happening. This underscores the importance of co parenting during divorce counseling.

If you would like to learn more about how a therapist can assist with co parenting during divorce counseling Bethesda, MD parents turn to Lindsey Hoskins & Associates.

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