Will My Ex’s Marriage Affect My Custody Rights?

Will My Ex’s Marriage Affect My Custody Rights?

Will My Ex’s Marriage Affect My Custody Rights?

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When you have children with someone that you are no longer in a relationship with, determining a custodial agreement that works for both of you is key. However, when your ex has decided to remarry, it can be an especially complicated situation to go through. You might be wondering how their marriage affects your custody rights as a parent and the terms of your parental agreement. This is a situation that many parents with shared custody experience. An experienced family lawyer can help you understand what your custody rights are if your ex-spouse has remarried. 

Your Parental Rights

If you have parental custody rights to your child and share legal custody with your ex. You may have joint legal custody with your ex, which means that you and your ex make joint decisions together. Your rights will not be affected if your ex marries someone else, and the same applies if you marry someone. 

Your Ex’s Partner’s Rights

Legally, the spouse of your ex-partner has no custody rights of your child. They are not able to make decisions regarding your child’s best interests and how they will be raised, as a family lawyer like one at Attorney Bernie can explain. This includes matters such as their education, health, and religion. Your ex’s husband may influence your ex’s decisions when it comes to how they want to raise your child, but the court will not take their preferences into account. The parents who have custodial rights will always be prioritized. It doesn’t matter if they become the stepparent of the child. The court will not include stepparents in the custody arrangement. 

Custody Arrangements After Remarriage 

When two parents share custody of a child, things can be complicated enough. Introducing a new partner might feel like your parental rights are being threatened or might be impacted, but legally a marriage is not allowed to change your custody arrangement. The custodial parents retain their rights, regardless of a new spouse.

If you have further questions about how certain changes affect custodial rights, meet with a qualified family lawyer and they can provide you more information. It is not too late to inquire about legal advice if you are going through a complex family law matter. Learn more about custody laws and parental rights by scheduling a consultation with a skilled family lawyer that you can count on.