What You Shouldn’t Believe About Prenuptial Agreements

What You Shouldn’t Believe About Prenuptial Agreements

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If your fiancé recently asked you for a prenuptial agreement, you might not know what to think. You may have heard some negative things about this type of agreement and have your doubts. Here are a few common myths about prenuptial agreements that you should not believe.

Only Rich People Get Prenuptial Agreements

It is frequently believed that only the wealthy can benefit from prenuptial agreements. Although wealthy individuals may have more assets than those of modest means, people of all income levels can benefit from prenuptial agreements. In addition to protecting the property you bring into a marriage, this agreement can state what happens to property if one spouse dies, how to deal with death benefits from a life insurance policy and modifications of spousal support.

A Prenuptial Agreement Indicates No Trust in a Relationship

At first, it might seem like the person who requests a prenup does not really trust his or her partner. However, this does not have to be the case at all. In fact, establishing a prenuptial agreement requires honest conversations about each partner’s future desires. Although most people go into a marriage assuming the best, life does not always work out like people planned. A prenuptial agreement allows for the unexpected.

A Prenuptial Agreement Is Only Useful in Divorce

Prenuptial agreements are certainly beneficial in the event of a divorce. However, they address other matters as well, such as what will happen to assets after a spouse’s death. The document can also establish financial expectations in a marriage.

A Prenuptial Agreement Will not Be Enforced

Some people are reluctant to create prenuptial agreements because they assume that they can’t be enforced in court anyway. However, as long as the prenuptial agreement is valid and both spouses sign it, the document will be enforced in court. You should hire a skilled lawyer to review your prenuptial agreement to make sure it follows your state’s laws.

A Prenuptial Agreement Is Too Expensive

This is another common myth about prenuptial agreements. The truth is that prenuptial agreements are more affordable than you think. They are certainly less costly than divorce litigation. Spending the money for a prenuptial agreement right now could save you potentially thousands of dollars in the future.

A Prenuptial Agreement Will Anger Your Partner

Some people are nervous about discussing the idea of a prenuptial agreement with their partner. They assume they will be angry and hurt. However, it does not have to be this way. If you have the conversation in a quiet setting and use the right language, your partner may understand. Talk about the positive aspects of a prenuptial agreement and how it can create more trust in your relationship. You may be pleasantly surprised at how your partner reacts.

If you are thinking about creating a prenuptial agreement, you should schedule a meeting with a prenuptial agreement lawyer from Carpenter & Lewis PLLC as soon as possible.