Therapist Bethesda MD

Therapist-Bethesda-MD-woman-sitting-upsetA therapist in Bethesda, MD from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates knows that mental health issues can be hard to accept and talk about. Expressing troublesome thoughts and feelings with an empathetic therapist can aid someone on their road to recovery. Mental health struggles should never be waved off as not serious. Despite not being able to see the mind, we know it’s there, and it’s a vital component of every person’s overall wellness. 

But Doesn’t Everyone Feel Sad At Times?

We are going to feel emotions like anger, sadness, anxiety, or low mood. And studies suggest that one in every three people will struggle with a mental health issue at some point in his or her lifetime. It’s worth noting that there is a difference between a depressed mood and a depression diagnosis. Temporary negative feelings are a part of life. But if these feelings become so consistent that it interferes with daily living, then it may be a reason to visit a therapist for support.

How Can Therapy Help Work Through Trauma?

If you have a history of trauma that you haven’t completely healed from yet, such as physical or sexual abuse, then talk therapy with an MD therapist in Bethesda can be very beneficial. Therapy allows someone to explore these experiences with someone who is trained in hearing them, and in a space that is free of judgment. A therapist can help people create new ways of looking at traumatic events, in addition to teaching them ways for working through the hold that trauma has on their life. 

Are Mental Health and Success at School or Work-Related?

A sudden decrease in performance at school or work is a common sign that someone is dealing with a mental health issue. Not feeling well mentally can cause impairment to attention, memory, energy, and concentration. Furthermore, apathy may grow coincidingly, meaning someone’s zest for life may become tarnished. Parents, students, or workers who are concerned that success in life is being affected by mental health issues can reach out to us at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates for compassionate assistance. 

Is Sleeping More or Less a Bad Thing? 

Those who find themselves sleeping more or less and believe it could be related to a mental health issue are encouraged to get help from a therapist. Life isn’t always great, and terrible things can happen. For some, mental health problems will arise not because of any external event at all. Life can cause us to have feelings or thoughts that are hard to process. Talking with a professional who is unbiased and removed from your personal life can alleviate the weight of mental health struggles.

Those who are unsure whether therapy is right for them may understandably have plenty of questions, especially if they are new to the process. Feel free to contact a therapist in Bethesda, Maryland today to learn more about therapy services at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates.