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Therapist Bethesda MD- therapist holding clipboard If you are wondering what a session with a Therapist in Bethesda, MD from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates is like, then consider reviewing the Q&A below for more information. Seeking therapy is a healthy and responsible step when dealing with some of life’s most complicated issues. It’s important that when choosing a therapist, you hire someone that is qualified and compassionate at the same time. Many people have questions about counseling, especially if they have never done it before. 

Here are the answers to some of the most common inquiries received at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates: 

What exactly is therapy/counseling?

Essentially, therapy is when a counselor assists an individual, couple, or family unit in understanding how to solve a problem they have struggled to find a solution for together, in the comfort of a safe, trusting, and private atmosphere. During counseling, a therapist seeks to describe the issue and establish a strategy for managing or solving it. A Bethesda, MD therapist is likely to go through the following stages with the individual, romantic couple, or family as a group:

  • Assessment stage (information about the issue is talked about)
  • Goal state (desired outcomes are discussed)
  • Treatment stage (the approach for treating the issue is created)
  • Action stage (all parties take their part in the issue and use new strategies to work towards the solution)

How does counseling help people?

When people first hear about therapy, they may wonder how talking about issues is actually going to help, especially if it seems as though no resolution can be found. In some cases, especially in terms of a relationship, it is possible that the two people will decide to part ways and that it’s the best outcome for all involved. But, in many other instances, therapy can help people get feelings off their chest, bring an issue to light in a way where everyone has to face themselves too, and through growth a better relationship can be obtained. Those who are struggling individually with certain issues may find relief in expressing their thoughts and feelings, in addition to looking at the problem in a new perspective so new solutions can be found. 

Is what is shared private during therapy?

Yes, all conversations are completely confidential, except in areas where by law a therapist would have to report a behavior or possible harm. For example, in cases of child or elder abuse, the therapist would need to report it so that the victim can get protection from further harm immediately. If a therapist feels that the individual presents a danger to themselves or others, the therapist is obligated to contact the appropriate authorities. 

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At our therapy office, our team has the experience and innate compassion to help people through their darkest times. We hope that if you, your loved one, or family are going through a troublesome period, that you reach out for help today. Call Lindsey Hosksins & Associates to speak with a dedicated Therapist in Bethesda, Maryland today. 

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