Therapist in Bethesda MD Therapist in Bethesda MD

When couples call Lindsey Hoskins & Associates to request information about our therapists offering treatment in Bethesda MD, many of them are in despair, and are concerned their relationship is beyond improvement or help. The communication between them may have broken down, their trust with one another may be broken, and intimacy may be non-existent. At the same time, our Bethesda MD therapists have also receive inquiries from, what we consider to be, fundamentally strong couples, who are dealing with a very specific, often unexpected, crisis, and need professional help

At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, the couples we help come to us with a broad range of concerns that need to be addressed. Some of the most common ones include communication issues, intimacy issues, anger problems, past traumas, health conditions, infidelity, infertility, jealousy, parenting, financial issues, family struggles, in-law issues, step family issues, adoption, gender roles, and more. 

How Our Therapists in Bethesda MD Approach the Issues 

Our therapists view this type of therapy as collaborative; thereby, take a team approach to get effective results. Your therapist will be actively involved in the session, and will be honest and unbiased about what is noticeable, observed, and thought. Bear in mind, this approach is carefully taken and ensures no arguing arises, but rather, leads to productivity and results. The clinical setting provided by our therapists in Bethesda MD is meant to be a safe haven, where each party can discuss their ideas and feelings without fear of retribution or pain. Together, we can explore different tools, strategies, and techniques. These can be used to put a stop to destructive patterns, negative habits, and create a meaningful connection. 

What Do We Expect From You?

As your therapist serving Bethesda MD couples, we expect some level of commitment towards the work and progress of each session. We also encourage each party to be honest and open; even if that means discussing negative traits. Defensiveness is discouraged; thus, if it begins to take place, your therapist may guide you away from this behavior. When these things can be met, there is a high chance of improving the relationship, and even taking it to a stronger level of commitment. Even if, at this time, you believe this isn’t possible, our therapists serving Bethesda, Maryland believe it may be. In fact, we’ve seen it happen time and time again. 

How Therapy Can Help

Communication has a key role in relationships. Successful couples generally understand how to communicate in a way that is respectful of one another, and honest. Often, when couples are struggling with any issue, communication will have a role in it. Therefore, your Bethesda MD therapist will observe the way you communicate and help both of you to understand how this is being done. If there is room for improvement, and there likely will be, new skills, techniques, and solutions will be taught to you. In addition to this, your therapist will guide you to:

  • Identify negative patterns
  • Learn how to stop blaming one another
  • Recognize cause and effect patterns
  • Improve communication
  • Overcome daily stressors
  • Improve intimacy
  • Reconnect with each other

If you would like to explore couples therapy with our Bethesda MD therapists, please call Lindsey Hoskins & Associates today.