Stress Therapy Bethesda Maryland Stress Therapy Bethesda Maryland

Many of us have dealt with stress in our lives at one time of another. Most of the time, the stress is temporary and when the situation that was causing the stress is resolved, the stress is alleviated. But there are also situations where stress is more of a long-term issue. In these cases, stress therapy available in Bethesda Maryland can be helpful.

Stress is our body’s reaction to emotional or physical demands put on it. Emotional stress can trigger depression, which can make it even more difficult to deal with the stress, creating a vicious cycle. Life events that can cause stress include the end of a marriage or relationship or the loss of a job. However, not everyone who goes through these stressful events develops depression. A Bethesda, MD stress therapy counselor knows there are often biological factors that will determine if this happens.

Some studies have found that there is a link between an overactive stress system and high levels of cortisol in the body with depression, heart disease, and other health conditions. This is because if the brain feels under attack, it messages the body to produce more stress hormones to fight the “threat.” Depending on the circumstances, there are some situations where a constant pounding of stress can cause a person’s fight-or-flight response is triggered and this can lead to depression. If a person is already struggling with depression, extra stress can only exacerbate it.

Some of the more common life events that a Bethesda, MD stress therapy counselor’s patients are dealing with include:

  •       Losing a loved one
  •       Divorce or ending a romantic relationship
  •       Losing a job
  •       Natural disaster that damages or destroys a home (i.e. fire, hurricane)
  •       Bad car accident
  •       Crime victim (sexually assaulted, mugged, robbed)
  •       Physical illness of a loved one or taking care of an elderly parent

Certain lifestyle choices can make a difference in how well our bodies cope with stress, as well, especially if these choices become addicting:

  •       Excessive use of alcohol
  •       Failing to get enough exercise
  •       Smoking
  •       Use of illegal drugs
  •       Not eating a healthy and well-balanced diet
  •       Not getting enough sleep
  •       Working long hours without taking any rest time
  •       Spending too much time playing video games

Stress Types

As a therapist Bethesda MD  offers can explain, there are two different types of stress. Acute stress is stress that is triggered by a single event or a temporary situation. For example, if you are working on a new project at work that is causing you stress, but once that project is completed, the stress will be gone, this would be acute stress.

Chronic stress is different. Chronic stress is ongoing and is often the result of personal, health, or lifestyle issues. Some of the more common causes of chronic stress are:

  •       Financial difficulties
  •       Relationship or marriage issues
  •       Lack of support from loved ones or friends
  •       Working at a job that has constant high pressure (i.e. emergency responder)

Whatever the cause of your stress, it is important to both your emotional and physical health that you are able to control and/or eliminate the stress. Stress therapy Bethesda Maryland patients recommend can provide ways to learn how to deal the stress in your life. Call Lindsay Hopkins & Associations for a complimentary telephone consultation and find out how we can help.