5 Secrets To Learn from Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy Bethesda, MDProblems in the bedroom are rarely just about sex. Many couples approach these sessions thinking that their main problem is physical intimacy, but often discover that their problems stem from completely different issues. Both men and women often find that psychological and emotional problems can affect physical intimacy. Many couples find that their problems start with disagreements about money, about family, or about work-related stress. For this reason, sex therapy is very much like regular therapy. The only major difference is that a sex therapist will also help you address physical issues in addition to psychological ones.

Real results happen after several sessions and when both partners are actively involved. One session likely will not return results. Similarly, if you are completely invested in the process but your partner is not (or vice versa), you might not find the results you’re looking for. The process will probably be slow and it might even be emotionally painful at times,* but dedication is key. Many couples “learn” bad habits over time that hinder physical intimacy and it can take a while to “unlearn” these things.

* If you find that you’re experiencing physical pain at any point, this is something that’s very important to bring up — not only with your sex therapist, but also with your doctor.

Having a low libido and/or erectile dysfunction are some of the most common problems that individuals and couples want to address. And yet, many people are embarrassed to admit that they have these problems. There are countless reasons why people experience a change in their libido. If you’ve found that your libido has decreased, it could be a side effect of a medication, a result of increased stress, or simply a part of getting older. There’s no single way to “fix” this issue, but a sex therapist in Bethesda MD may be able to help you and your partner work through these issues together.

You don’t need to bring your partner to sex therapy. In fact, you don’t even need to have a partner to benefit from sex therapy. Therapists often help people work through issues like shame and self-consciousness. In many cases, individuals benefit by learning to tap into their own sexual energy and learning to embrace and honor it. When you love yourself and feel confident in your own skin, you’ll be a better partner in the bedroom (and you’ll likely feel more satisfied, too).

There are real physical benefits of having healthy sex. The benefits can go far beyond simply burning off a few calories. Studies suggest that men may have a lower risk of developing prostate cancer, women may find relief from painful menstrual cramps, and both groups can benefit from lower blood pressure, better sleep, and a happier mood overall.

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