Relationship Therapist Bethesda MD Relationship Therapist Bethesda MD

Being in a romantic relationship with someone you care deeply about is a wonderful thing. However, relationships aren’t always sunshine and rainbows. It’s not uncommon for people to encounter problems in their relationships from time to time. If you and your partner aren’t getting along, it may be time to speak to a relationship therapist in Bethesda MD, like Lindsey Hoskins & Associates.

Signs You Need Relationship Therapy

Many couples face issues in their relationships at times, and it’s important to know when it’s necessary to see a relationship therapist in Bethesda MD. Here are some signs you and your partner need therapy.

  • You Argue Constantly: Having an argument here and there with your significant other is probably not a huge deal. However, if you find that every conversation turns into a conflict, there may be a bigger issue. A relationship counselor can help the two of you figure out why you’re arguing so frequently and teach you ways to communicate more constructively.
  • You Rarely Have Sex: Physical intimacy is important for romantic relationships. If one partner doesn’t want to have very often, the other partner may feel rejected and hurt. Whether the lack of sexual intercourse is due to loss of attraction or low libidos, therapy can help you have the difficult conversation with your partner and find solutions.
  • You or Your Partner Had an Affair: Infidelity can put a big strain on a relationship. The partner who got cheated on feels betrayed and angry. If either you or your partner had an affair, it’s necessary to see a therapist in Bethesda MD. He or she can help you two rebuild trust in your relationship.
  • You Rarely Spend Time Together: If you would rather spend all your time with your friends instead of your significant other, it indicates a problem. It’s important to seek relationship counseling to find out why the two of you no longer spend much time together and how you can fix it.

What to Expect During Relationship Therapy

If you’ve never been in relationship therapy before, it’s normal to feel a little nervous. However, if you know what to expect, the process will be easier.

During your first session, a relationship therapist in Bethesda MD will take time to learn about your relationship and each individual on a personal level. He or she may ask questions about everything from your childhood to how the two of you met. Make sure to answer each question honestly and provide as many details as possible.

Once your relationship therapist in Bethesda MD knows more about the two of you, he or she will help you get to the root of your relationship problems and set goals. Your therapist will teach you new skills to improve your relationship.

If you and your significant other are having relationship woes, schedule a session with a relationship therapist in Bethesda MD.