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 4 Steps for Choosing Your Couples Therapist

If you and your partner want to improve your relationship, relationship counseling in Great Falls, MD could be the solution. Like choosing a medical doctor, you shouldn’t just go to the first therapist you find in the phone book. It takes time to find that perfect couples therapist in Great Falls, Maryland. There’s no guarantee your relationship will be fixed, but with the right therapist in your corner, the chances could be higher. When you’re choosing a couples therapist, consider the following.

  1. They Help You Head the Right Direction

There are a lot of therapists, and no two are exactly alike.. If you are committed to improving your relationship, but the therapist doesn’t help you head that direction, then what good is the therapist? Find a professional who is as committed as you are to helping you improve, rather than someone who might have different ideas or methods of counseling. When considering relationship counseling in Great Falls, MD, be sure to schedule a short consultation to get to know the counselor and what their philosophy may be. 

  1. You Both Feel Respected

A couples therapist shouldn’t take sides, so if either of you ever feels that’s what’s happening, don’t be afraid to remove yourself from the situation and find a new therapist. Both partners should feel comfortable and respected when in the therapist’s office. If you or your partner suggest something to the therapist and it is not honored as valuable feedback, that’s not a good sign. Bear in mind, when it comes to relationship counseling in Great Falls, MD, and the right counsellor, we at Lindsey Hoskins and Associates remain a neutral third party who will listen, support, and guide, while never taking sides. 

  1. Personal Values Are Held Back

Your therapist should never project his or her values onto you and your partner. There may be moments when the professional has to step in and calm down a situation, but if you often receive comments such as, “You should move on with separate lives,” or “I believe your feelings are wrong,” he or she is not respecting that as a couple you may have different beliefs. It’s sometimes a good move to find a therapist who has similar values as you, but still they should never come above repairing the relationship.

  1. Listen to Yourself

Sometimes you just get a bad vibe, and that’s ok! Just because the therapist looks good on paper and says all the right things, doesn’t mean you have to continue going to him or her. If you or your partner have an instinct that is telling you one particular therapist isn’t right for you, listen to yourselves and move on to someone who has your best interests in mind.

Start Searching Today

Sometimes you find the perfect therapist on the first try, and other times it takes going through a few before you find someone who is right for you. To learn more about our relationship counseling in Great Falls, MD, call Lindsey Hoskins and Associates