Relationship Counseling Bethesda, MD Relationship Counseling Bethesda, MD

The Goals of Couples Therapy

When you head into a session for relationship counseling in Bethesda, MD, each individual will likely have different goals.  One person might want to work toward better communication. Another might want to figure out how to deal patiently with each other’s idiosyncrasies. One individual might have trouble listening without judgment, while his or her spouse might have a hard time expressing feelings. It’s different for every individual and every couple, though there are some core goals that should be sought after during your sessions for relationship counseling in Bethesda, MD.

Deepening Knowledge

They say knowledge is power, and that cannot be more true than when you learn about your partner in a non-threatening setting. The goal of couples therapy is not to just give you knowledge about the other person, but to help you understand yourself as well. It’s also important to gain an understanding about your particular relationship and the unique issues you face as a couple.

Identifying Fears

Everyone has fears, though not everyone is able to express them. It’s important to identify what your fears are and what your partner’s fears are. Those are the issues that must be worked on so you both feel safe in your relationship. For example, if there is a history of infidelity, a wife might be frightened about it happening again when she finds out her husband went to lunch with a work associate. When the husband understands that fear, they can work toward a common-ground solution to help the wife overcome those fears.

Talking Together

Many couples simply do not know how to talk together. They may talk about the weather or chat about the kids, but when it comes to the hard stuff, they don’t know how to have a productive conversation. Emotions might get in the way or one partner might feel intimidated by the other, and nothing gets accomplished. During relationship counseling in Bethesda, MD, they can be coached on how to handle comments from each other, especially if they’re speaking about something they feel very differently about.

Understanding Love

Everyone feels love differently, and those ways each other feel love need to be identified and understood. For example, a wife might feel loved when her husband comes home from work and does the dishes for her. That husband might feel loved when his wife gives him a big, long hug. On the flip side, the husband may not care if the dishes get done, and the wife may not get the same satisfaction out of a hug. That is why the way each partner feels love needs to be identified and understood.

Contacting a Relationship Counselor in Bethesda, MD

If you are in a relationship that could use a little assistance, don’t feel embarrassed to get that help. Contact a couples counselor today to learn what you can do to strengthen your relationship. At Lindsey Hoskins and Associates, we offer intelligent, honest, and compassionate relationship counseling in Bethesda, MD to men, women, and transgenders. Call us today.