Preparing For A Divorce Consultation

Preparing For A Divorce Consultation

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Whether you or your spouse have already decided to file for divorce or dissolving your marriage is an option you’re still contemplating, it’s important to meet with a lawyer as early in your planning process as possible. The decisions you make now can dramatically influence both your divorce process as it progresses and the outcome of your case.

Meeting with a lawyer for the first time is generally referred to as a consultation. A consultation allows you to ask questions, to learn about a lawyer’s approach to representation, and to determine whether their style is likely a good fit for you and your needs. It is often advised that you schedule consultations with more than one attorney in order to compare their approaches. With that said, if a lawyer comes highly recommended and you feel confident about your “fit” from the start, there is nothing wrong with moving forward with that individual after scheduling that single consultation and none with any alternative candidates.

Organizing Your Thoughts

As an experienced Tacoma, WA military divorce lawyer – including those who practice at Robinson & Hadeed – can confirm, it’s important to prepare some questions, thoughts, and notes ahead of a divorce consultation when it is possible to do so. Navigating any major life transition involves hard emotional work. You may be feeling overwhelmed and scattered as a result of what is happening at home. If you don’t organize your thoughts ahead of your consultation, you may spend most of your valuable time trying to remember what it is that you wanted to ask and say.

By writing your questions and concerns down and bringing those notes to your consultation, you’ll be in a position to easily reference whatever is weighing on your mind most heavily. By addressing each of those issues in turn, you’ll place yourself in the best possible position to make an informed decision about your next steps.

Property and Child Custody Priorities

There is no single “right” way to go about navigating a divorce case successfully. But, those individuals who know what is most important to them from go tend to be far more focused and intentional about their process as it evolves. It is so easy to get bogged down in detail and minutiae during a divorce case. By understanding what you most want to achieve, you can continually refocus your vision and efforts to best support attaining that goal or set of goals.

Is there a particular piece of property that you’d be willing to go to court to retain? Is there a specific aspect of your child custody negotiations that is “make or break” for you? Or are you in a position to be truly flexible provided that your divorce case resolves amicably and quickly? Being prepared to explain to an attorney what matters to you most will help them to understand how best to craft a legal strategy that fits that vision. Observing their response to your priorities will also help you to know if they’re going to be up to the challenge of advocating on behalf of your most precious interests.